Money in the Bank WWEF Money in the Bank Predictions Contest

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Thats right, a return of the classic. Gave the form a shot but @Solidus is the man dishing out the rewards.

    1st place >> 3 months legend status, $750 forum cash
    2nd place >> $500 forum cash
    3rd place >> $250 forum cash

    Use the google form and don't forget to fill out your WWEF username so he can reward you if you win!

    Good luck!
  2. Done! *waits for the PPV to fail miserably* (Damn, I was so tempted to vote for KO and Ambrose winning their matches, but fuck it... Safe bet is on Cena and his well-known redemption BS storyline, or he might win via DQ and then I guess there'll be some shenanigans in Rollins vs Ambrose. lol)

    Thanks for bringing this back, lads, by the way!
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  3. I voted for Owens winning because he is going to win.
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    I hope so.

    EDIT: But, it wouldn't surprise me if Cena won via DQ or heck, even Samoa Joe providing the distraction and having Cena win that way wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. You didn't put this in MITB section lol
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  6. Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if Kev and I were the only entrants. lol
  7. 9 entrants right now.
  8. Well, that was close enough. :zayn:
  9. Oh sorry. I wasn't sure when I posted it so just went with general WWE

    EDIT: Mine's not in yet either
  10. Make that 10 :stopspot:
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  11. Done! And failing miserably is oh-so-okay. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. Mine is also in.

  13. inb4ashitloadofswerves
  14. And so I did.

    Only got Cena, Rollins and Nikki (if I even voted for her) right.
  15. Hence the "And don't mind failing miserably" call. Right there with you. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Freakin' Stopspot though. Calling Sheamus.
  16. LOL, yeah. And I said it yesterday "inb4ashitloadofswerves" and that's exactly what went down.

    I believe D'Z called it not too while ago, too. Dayumn, I was pretty sure Roman was winning that thing, despite being too predictable.
  17. I called Sheamus winning on his return months ago.
  18. Did you call it now, tho? Just curious if you're part of the predictions contest...
  19. i was drunk all day yesterday, didnt do predicitions contest but wish I had now after seeing that. I missed MITB.
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