Summerslam WWEF Predictions contest - Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Wanted to post the poll at least a few days early. This is one of the few larger PPVs too, so the stakes are higher! I believe first place gets 6 months legend @Solidus ? Plus a site-credit bonus on top IIRC. He can tell you the details, he doles out the prizes hehe.

    Use this link to fill out the form. You could win!!!!------>>>

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  2. Done, I need that six months of Legend for real.
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  3. digging the ability to say the main event will last 72 hours. Is this including Taker's entrance or no?
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  4. Uh technically thats the WWE title match length so meh
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  5. Done
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. The time for bullshit is over, can't be on that no forum name color shit. Pay to win corporate bastards. Going for gold.
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  8. Hey yo I'm in.
  9. I got that part. No idea who the pic is of though. Is it Kevin Dunn? I've heard that name on here before. No idea who he is though
  10. Yeah, that's Bucky Beaver a.k.a Kevin Dunn
  11. Done! *waits to fail miserably*

    Thanks for doing this, Trip. And thanks for being generous, Soli. You guys rule!
  12. Gotta earn my moderator status somehow lol
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  13. This is tough when you don't watch WWE in a while... 12 Suplexs!!! Going for the imaginary!!!! :woo::woo::woo:

    Is there a chance of being able to choose a DQ/count-out/no contest ending in future prediction contests?
  15. Yes, we'll add that.
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  16. Well, awesome! Thank you.

    While we're at it, a DQ ending is what I'd prolly choose for a Cena/Rollins match.
  17. "We'll" lol
  18. :dealwithit:
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