Games WWEF PS3 League 12/3/13 Card

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  1. Right after Survivor Series, will the Kool Kids Klub explain their actions?
    @David™ vs @Andy
    If David wins, he gets to face Roray at TLC because there is no way in hell he's getting it for free!
    @Friemasterflex vs @IndyWrestler
    Champion vs Champion
    @PoPo vs @Roray
    PoPo faces his opponent at TLC's fellow group member. He tries to make an impact and send a message to the WWEF Champion. Roray tries to prove that he is more than just a screwjob and back up his talk.​

  2. What the fuck?
  3. I was just testing something don't mind that.
  4. I mean what the fuck is this hahah. You completely abandon the league and then randomly post.
  5. The date of this was December 4th lol
  6. I know but we want answers.
  7. Soon my friend.
  8. Not soon for this guy.
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