Games WWEF PS3 League Survivor Series Results

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Fullofit, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. @Friemasterflex def. @David™
    Frie and David went at it for a great 10 minutes, back and forth action. No one really knew who the clear winner would be. Each wrestler hit a finisher on each other and both kicked out. But out of nowhere, the special referee hit Frie with a shoulder block! David went for the pin 1....2...................................................................... Roray refused to pin on! He then hit David with an AA! 1.2.3. Fast count! Roray helped Frie win.
    @IndyWrestler def. @Nero_x3
    Nero and Indy went at it regardless of Nero wanting to defend his title. He tried to go the easy way out and won by DQ. I had none of it though. I demanded that the match would be restarted. Nero was pissed! They restart the match and go at it once again. They go to the outside, and both get knocked out. All the way to a 10 count, double countout! Being the GM that I am, I wouldn't settle for a controversial ending. The match was once again restarted with No DQ's and No countouts. Nero won with a submission which is illegal without 3 finishers first. The match is to be restarted with only a pin victory allowed! IndyWrestler hit a big move right when Nero goes back in the ring! 1..2..3 IndyWrestler is your new TV Champion!​

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