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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Emperor Palpatine: Senhor Perfect
    Darth Vader: deth
    Luke Skywalker: d'z
    Princess Leia: geekgoddess
    Lando Calrissian: dat kid/Farooq
    C3PO: Stopspot
    R2-D2: Adam
    Han Solo: Danielson
    Jabba the Hutt: Jonathan
    Yoda: Trip
    Jar jar binks: Aids
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  2. Princess Leila: Gohan
  3. This cop that comes into the store I work at all the time calls me Luke Skywalker, true story.
  4. Damn, Jono beat out Xanth for Jabba the Hut? Must have been a close call
  5. I'll tell you my thought process
    Jabba the Hutt ~ Pizza the Hut ~ Dominoes ~ Jonathan
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  6. SPACEBALLS Reference wooooooo.
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  7. I get to be a leader :yay:
  8. ArabHammer/B.Dazzle would make good Tusken Raiders.:otunga:
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  9. Darth Sidious ftw
  10. Geek Goddess, I guess we should bang now.
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  11. -1 for getting the name wrong. Sorry, its a strict crowd
  12. :emoji_cry:
    Jar Jar Binks - JwabTV
  13. I actually watched Episode III last night. People complained so much about dude's acting saying it ruined the movie... Did not ruin it for me. I haven't watched it since 2005 and I still enjoyed it just as much last night.
  14. What about Chewbacca? You included Jar Jar and NOT Chewbacca!? :mad2:
  15. Guess it'd have to be Gohan, since most don't understand either of them.
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  16. :win:
  17. Can I be Padme!? :please:
  18. Great, I get to make fun of him all the time now :obama:
  19. I'll just say boba fett and move along
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