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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 11, 2015.

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  1. Got some cash burnin' a hole in my cyber pocket!

    What's going on with the store? Just curious!

  2. The cashier is on break, they'll be back soon.
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  3. F**kin' break? What is this.. everyone wins in America? Tell him to get back here and help me spend this money..

    PS) Would a raffle fail if we did one here?.. Like I mean would anyone be skeptical of cheating.. I have an idea involving video recording, raffle tickets and a prize.. basically people use WWEF cyber dollars to buy raffle tickets for a prize.. $10 amazon gift card I'm thinking as a jumping off point.. then we take record of everybody who bought raffle tickets and how many they bought and in a video we record the raffle tickets for everyone and then show whoever's holding the raffle put them all in a bucket and mix it up and pull..

  4. Or just use random.org and whoever hosts the draw can screencap it? We did a lottery before using forum dollars but it was to win forum dollars. To win amazon vouchers we'd need people to use real money, I'd buy some tickets if they were like $1/$2 each and the prize was $10+
  5. Basically it potentially would end up having some people spend real money on the credit packages.. you'd set the price on the tickets to be $500 a pop.. I would personally buy the $10 voucher myself just to do a trial run in a month or so to see how it works.. and if it didn't we would go from there most likely with the real money for tickets.
  6. That's a good shout
  7. Oh I didn't re-enable it.
  8. I'll see what else to add.
  9. Post editor :heenan:
  10. Added.
  11. Added a couple others, some can be gifted too.
  12. <3 the added to maximum bet.. that's an awesome addition to the store brother! :hogan:
  13. One more added to new features.
    Adding permission to feature your own threads shortly too.
  14. @Solidus..

    [Green Username - 3 days]
    "Make your username white!"

    Nothing big just thought I'd let you know :sunglasses:
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