WWEF: The drug

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by GeeTeaIye, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Guise, i'm gonna be serious for 5 mins :ohgod:

    I just wanna give a short tribute to this forum and to the tons of hours invested into the thousand of threads with the hundreds of great people and the milions of great moments that I will never forget in this forum.

    I came from a shitty forum where I was constantly shat on and called a twat, just because I didn't go with the flow. Here I found friends, interesting people, each with their own quirks and their feats.

    I had times when I just stopped coming here, but each time I kept coming back, hung up on the harmeless drug that is WWEF. When I open my browser, I click WWEF instead of Facebook.

    Here's to many years more with you guys!

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  2. Stfu twat.
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  3. :sad: :okay:
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  4. You must have no friends, like me.:alone:
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  5. I do, but they are all twats :haha:
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  6. I can relate,cheers bro.:true:
  7. :gtfo:

    No one likes you.
  8. WTF!? OH HELL NO!? I'M STARAIGHT EDGE! :pipebomb:
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  9. Still mad about last night, huh?

    I assure you, it never happened before
  10. Yeah, it kinda gets you like that after some time. :emoji_wink:)
  11. Love you twat
  12. A single tear fell from my eye.

    Then I looked up and noticed the roof was leaking, my bad.
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  13. You may not be the most active member, but it is members like you that keep me here! :yay:
  14. I know the feeling fella this site is addictive as hell. I put it down to all the great userbase.
  15. [​IMG]
    Here is some terrible shit to make this thread better.
  16. Before forums, I used to be in CAW where everyone hated me.

    I crie 4 2 minites redding dis tred
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  17. 4/10 Try again
  18. I was a bit drunk last night. :haha:

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    I still love you

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    Did I say love? I meant to say I hope you get genital rabies
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