WWEF Tough Enough sign up!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Star Lord, May 8, 2013.

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    This is your moment....​
    Your will be pushed to your limits to see who can become WWEF next big thing!​
    This is Tough Enough!​
    The idea: I have seen people do stuff like this on other sites and I thought it would be fun to do here, Just to let you know I DIDNT make this up, I just brought it here for fun anyway.​
    Every Saturday I will hand out a challenge posted here, You will PM me your completed challenge and the trainers and I will review them and one or more eliminations will take place every week. The challenges MUST be completed by the next Saturday. If you PM the challenge it will be posted here by me on the Saturday so contestants can vote who they think should be eliminated and that will contribute to eliminations. To vote just post in the elimination thread who should be eliminated and why.​
    Head Trainer: Adam568​
    Trainer 2: NanoRah14
    Trainer 3: DavidTheGiant
    Trainer 4: CSRants
    3. Crayo
    4. Jonathan
    10 of these 15 spots MUST be filled before we can start.​
    ANYONE can sign up, Mods, legends, Normal users and even Crayo
    Entry Challenge:​
    You must send or post in this thread a promo showcasing you wrestlers: Name and Gimmick.​

  2. 42 views and 3 people reply lol
  3. Application Form please.
  4. The entry is to showcase yours characters gimmick and name in a promo.
  5. Name : Based God Darth
    Gimmick : An angry prince who is a patriot of his country.
  6. PROMO! Read the thread!
  7. Is this like a tourney?
  8. No, You send the promo and I decide if your accepted, I hand out challenges every Saturday and you complete them, Then me and the trainers decide who was the weakest entry and we decide who is cut, Last person wins.
  9. Cool
  10. You gonna enter?
  11. Look In your inbox
  12. I'm going to enter later, when I have time.
  13. I can add you now and you can send the promo later
  14. I'm going to enter
  15. :yes:
  16. Name: Jonathan
    Gimmick: None, just want to see what the challenges are actually gonna be.
  17. Yeah, save me the spot.
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