WWEF Won the Forum Wars, Who Knew

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Larsosc, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Hi, folks. Your favorite Scandi bringing the banter to the xenforo(?) format. TWF is dead as we all know and its demise concluded an intense chapter of two forums stink-eyeing each other. As a permanent skidmark to the memory of TWF, I'll be commemorating this by posting a selection of quotes from TWF that are near and dear to my heart. Enjoy.

    1. Don't go assuming asking before assumption.
    -Rye on MP 2013

    2. I don't know a lot about the WWE
    as I am mostly a Ruthless Agr. Era person but from what I think I know if you could be in any of the brands
    why would you be in ECW. I saw some really awesome wrestlers that were in the other brands before that ended up in ECW.
    -ForumBlawk on TWF 2014

    3. Sup guys we all want THE BEAST GOLDBERG vs the too much steroids RYBACK
    -Goldbergx3 on TWF 2014

    4. I would lobe to see all the old ppvs from wwe, ecw , and wcw
    -Ryan Rooney on TWF 2014

    5. Do you guys think RVD is going to come back? plus who's exited that Christian is coming back?
    -Justen98 on TWF 2014

    6. how was wwe royal rumble bray wyaat vs brayn 5 star romen should've won rumble
    -The Puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    7. stil wining WWE 2K14 pro
    -wwekidd334 on TWF 2014

    8. fav wrestlers: cm punk (alive) chris benoit (dead)
    -FNPunk on TWF 2014

    9. Think smackdown has bean better lately and are they trying to baring Henry now! :mad:
    -Justen98 on TWF 2014

    10. smackdown [ortens turn for a swing?
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    11. whos exited for raw tonight CENA AND ORTON WHO LOSES
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    12. wwe [boys] evan borune jeff hardy matt hardy rey mysterio diva lita aj
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    13. shueamus 18 seconds Daniel bryan [bad Daniel bryan] good Daniel bryan kicks ass
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    14. how are los motaders not there yet there are awesome but I do think Rhodes bros should hold the belts and
    I do think los motaders one day should hold the tag belts
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    15. romen reigns vs seth rollins vs dean wood be awesome and epic id like reigns to win with
    double spear or superman if it was rollins double blackout wood be epic id love that and dean im not to sure
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    16. i would love to be a referee , i think it's a fun job and i can see some sick spots in front of my eyes
    -Dante on TWF 2014

    17. i see Daniel bryan winning cuz no one can really interfeere so my money is on DANIEL BRYAN
    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Aron Vega on TWF 2014

    18. what wrong with ambore 1.hes heel.2 he hates snake i like aniamals but i guess he is pretty cool
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    19. but ambroe do he hate animals I like animals so I guess he cool
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    20. are sterming for the rumble . ROLLANATER 3::16 YEAH
    -wwekidd334 on TWF 2014

    21. remyster numbe 1 fav number 2 fav elterito numbe 3 fav shemus number 4 fav daniel bryan number 5 fav romen reigns
    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    22. wwe.com now only says big e langsten as big e was that like it forever?
    -puppetmaster on TWF2014

    23. I'm gonna eat your fucking face
    -IndyWrestler on TWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre Livestream 2014

    24. such a little kid , i dont why you still on this site .
    -Dante on TWF 2014

    25. When the younger wrestlers get old and the new kids figure out about wrestling, will they figure out these days
    (as like right now) or won't notice at all and thinking about the newer guys in the future?
    -Maniax on TWF 2014

    -puppetmaster on TWF 2014

    27. so Chrisatn is heal I don't know how I feel about that and dolph wins yeah! but doesn't sound like a good win
    -justen98 on TWF 2014

    28. Anytime I feel down, or not as strong as I should be towards haters here or in real life
    Tupac can always give me strength.
    -Kassius HoHo on TWF 2014

    29. well did he really?, I don't think he did just yet maybe he did idk
    -Justen98 on TWF 2014

    30. You know it's bad when you're tells you you're getting worked about CM Punk.
    -Woloaf on TWF 2014

    31. *Commercial break*
    OOC - Dinner time.
    -Maniax on TWF 2014

    32. OOC - Back Again.
    Maniax: Oh well, it's better than nothing, so you have any loves?
    -Maniax on TWF 2014

    33. It's great just to enjoy Wrestling without worrying about smart ass comments
    from members on forums watching NXT and Impact at the same time
    -HoHo on Twitter 2014

    34. Renee Young though in that dress, anyone see her latest photoshoot, if people were dicks I would of posted it.
    -HoHo on Twitter 2014

    35. Random I Don't know why i was bored
    -04JAKE on TWF 2014

    36. Regal and Finley would is awesome man
    -Justin on TWF 2014

    37. Batista is a men who only lies. He really did maybe. He maybe thinks that the universe forgot that.
    -RhythamCenation 2014

    38. I´m going to eat TNH´s face, Newfie´s face and everyone´s f´n face! I´m going to eat their lungs,
    I´m going to eat their kidneys,
    I´m going to eat their legs,
    I´m going to rip their diack off of their body and put it into their FAT ASSES and I might be a cannibal,
    but after the PPV, the only thing I´ll be eating is pu$$y.
    -Indywrestler 2014

    39. Batista will lose and will pour his tears into Cena's mangina and make a flower out of his mangina lol
    -Ovalhead 2014

    40. Is Total Divas now scripted?
    -Dylanderch 2014

    41. wicked sweet
    -bbuk24 2014

    42. THG are you mentally challanged you said 26-10=6 when its 16. i think you are 6
    -Conan 2014

    43. THG i will call you once i have read all the definitions to THG. ill give some examples
    -Conan2610 2014

    44. THG you made a fool of your self as im 13 and im owning a 24 year old
    -Conan2610 2014

    45. : sex is very enjoyable. the man shoves there dick in a womens pussy and they start making intercorse
    -Conan2610 2014

    46. i would rip [nancy grace] her asshole open too lol
    -Ovalhead 2014

    47. u alll have xoboxs dont u
    -bbuk24 2014

    48. scre u all im a pual heyman guy
    -bbuk24 2014

    49. nothing just happy im not alone
    -bbuk24 2014

    50. nope im a 13 year old with a shit ton of enrgy
    -bbuk24 2014

    51. How's the ladies up there the UK, I love the ascent of a lady from the UK.
    -HoHo 2014

    52. I have spoke to many women daily.
    -Adam 2014

    53. I'm outside my house right now with a baseball bat
    -Maniax 2012

    54. katline dont know how to spell her name. HAS MASSIVE TITS AND A NICE ARSE
    -Conan2610 2014

    55. That momment when u se aj lees bra in her titantron
    -Conan2610 2014

    56. no, I as talking earlier and one of the owners of it will train me to be a good CAW
    -ToTo 2014

    57. Hey Reborn, I'm talking with a calm voice. I'm not one of those people who spammed you
    or fucked ICW up
    -Maniax 2014

    58. who else gets the thrills and chills when you see The Shield on RAW?
    these three, man, are awesome. i .. i can't even describe the awesomeness
    these three bring to the table. only on RAW, not Smackdown.
    -thesmallestmarkaround 2014

    59. if in this Evolution& Shield feud they have Reigns talk instead of Ambrose i'm flying to
    WEE HQ and i'll be shoving my foot up everybody ass
    -Dante 2014

    60. Bad times last and bad guys do
    -Conan2610 2014

    61. it makes my cock feel like a chicken when it sees KFC lol
    -Ovalhead 2014

    62. GFX skills lmao. GFX is all luck, just like wrestling "skills". Thats why Paul London got knocked out by Davey,
    Davey wasn't lucky with his double footstomp
    -Adam 2014

    63. what are belley butuons for ?
    -bbuk24 2014

    64. Adam, you are shitter than Lars at GFX, and you have PS and he has MC Pain
    -Dylanderch 2014

    65. those he Fuck my brain is gay
    -Dylanderch 2014

    66. learn how to have a conversation with someone kid.
    i'm gonna say whatever i want.
    -Dante 2014

    You said *Shut up* and you told me to stop marking out over Ambrose. this is not a discussing
    you act like a 7 years old kid, stop making drama hypocrite
    -Dante 2014

    68. i'm gonna leave i don't want to ruin this thread by talking with a kid
    -Dante 2014

    69. i'm pretty sure that ya'll jerked off to AJ Lee tiny ass
    -Dante 2014

    70. that akward moment when you find out the los matoreds don't know how to spell it guys are primo and epico :/
    -bbuk24 2014

    71. no and damn if i was gay i wuod get a ahrd on for lars
    -bbuk24 2014

    72. i hanet been here long but i know turtles wierd
    -bbuk24 2014

    73. i wuold love to fuck with vince
    -bbuk24 2014

    74. why are chair shots banned are they dangerous?
    -Justen98 2014

    75. ^
    -bbuk24 2014

    76. ?
    -bbuk24 2014

    Ok full is quitting GM so why not let @CMPuLs3 take interviews to make the new GM
    -bbuk24 2014

    78. This question has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to know what you guys think.
    In my opnion I think WWE should because it would stop a lot of the irratating people complaning
    that WWWE is "fake" or "not real".
    I also think it would be better for the superstars,
    mostly the heels because then they can act like their true self in real life.
    So like I said what do you guys think? Feel free to leave your opnions.
    -TheGoldenPlayer25 2014

    79. So when Second to None coming out has it? I can't keep up with ROH and their shows.
    What shows have happened since SCOH?
    -Woloaf 2014

    80. I didn't spoil you, I gave you the results. After the show = not a spoiler
    -Trouble 2014

    81. im at extreme rules they have a ps3 there
    -Conan2610 2014

    82. You always put threads up like 15 minutes before me so they get shut down dam you jay dam you
    -Mickymorris200 2014

    83. Are laughing because I said I like them, or because someone actually likes them ?
    -Justin 2014

    84. Me to JWAB. people beat me up and hey rolled me in dog shit constantly
    -Conan2610 2014

    85. Here's how I would book Ed, Eddy and Eddy in the WWE
    ED: I would have him win the WWE championship and have him keep it for 3 months(may, june and july),
    only to lose it to John Cena. After that, I would have him and john cena feuding for most of August,
    thus having Ed win the WWE champonship again at Summerslam. after that, ed would be burying mid-carders
    to make him look good for 4 months

    Once everything is all said and done, I'll have Bray Wyatt feud with him.
    The Wyatt family seems like a stable Ed would enjoy, so I'll have Ed lose the WWE championship to Bray
    at the Royal Rumble PPV.
    Ed joins their stable the next night on RAW. The 4 members of the Wyatt Family go after many jobbers through Febuary
    and early March.
    Around mid-March, Ed, feeling bad about burying jobbers, rebels against the Wyatt Family, and defeats Bray Wyatt at
    Wrestlemania 31 and gets the WWE championship back.
    Edd/Double D: I would make him make a jobber
    Eddy: I would make him a commentator
    -thesmallestmarkaround 2014

    86. "WWE: This Is Wrestling" someone has never watch Dragon Gate USA
    -Adam 2014

    87. Dylan do you even know what Dragon Gate is? Genuine question.
    -Adam 2014

    88. Dat moment when after eating a burger and fries someone hands you an easter egg. Ahh. Today is a good day.
    -Adam 2014

    89. I bless the little disabled niggga boys down in Africa
    -PoPo 2014

    90. Randy Orton has a big fat Wyatt dick
    -Dante 2014

    91. Work hard get you will get they some day
    -George 2014

    92. *george Stroud walk to the wear a suit
    *(crowd Bose) *george grads and mic
    George: hello my is GeorgeStroud and Today we start new chapter
    For someone called @SmoothCriminal
    This man that fight for his life in every match he has
    This man will take this company by storm
    And be champion
    He here is
    -George 2014

    93. *george Walk to the ring
    George: I quit
    OOC: will not be back Intill next year
    -George 2014

    94. *george walk to the ring and haves a smile on his face and music hits
    George: hey TWF universe
    (Crowd cheers)
    George: I no it being a long time for me to get back in ring.
    but now Am making a new start, and it time get back in to the action
    (Crowd says WHAT)
    George: you will see more of me.
    *george exit ring and music hit again
    -George 2014

    95. Yeah, these new E-Feds don't have that magic of FAW or ICW.
    I try to make them look good but its bunch of bullshit of no-selling or shitting.
    -Maniax 2014

    96. I know, a little. It Was Fucking Great,
    I was the biggest heel (The Original Steen) against Edge and Ambrose, almost killed AJ and Kaitlyn.
    -Maniax 2014

    97. I am DGiant and I am here to show the world that I am better than all of the "big shots" that are here.
    -xWDCxDGiant65/DefendedGiant65 2014

    98. :youtheman:Wassup! Just introducing myself:thinking2:..................
    If you were expecting anything else well then im afraid ive got some bad news...:jerichohyou:
    -T-Bro 2014

    99. I'm always ready for a fight
    I'm a ps3 player and I'm always ready to fight PS3 name:ninjaxdavid
    -ninjaxdavid 2014

    100. Can somebody please photoshop a picture of triple h with either 1 or more emperor penguins
    -supetroll141 2014

    101. School is so fucking pointless. I spent 80% of my time there reading Eddie's book.
    -sXeLeonardo 2014

    102. damn.. yall are gonna make me legit cry over a damn video game lol
    -newfie pittbull 2014

    103. I joined for one reason only to crush some skulls win some gold and get that 'dolla dolla'
    Its Time....Its Time for THE MANIAC JUSTIN HARROWS
    -Justin Harrows 2014

    104. An Unnanounced Show, he is a great member, used to be an a-hole, he's doing well in the division.
    Please welcome @Shady
    -Maniax 2014

    105. Maniax: As PuLs3 would say "What the Fuck?"
    -Maniax 2014

    106. I Hate my self , im so stupid person , im shit dont deserve anything . fuck me
    -Dante 2013

    107. Im a new wrestler. i am looking to make a name for myself, and i heard of TWF from Amazing H's
    channnel on youtube, Yellow. I love playing WWE 2K14, and enjoy creating CAWS. My wrestler is Deadlift,
    and he has a hell/demon gimmick.
    -Deadlift 2014

    108. Randy Orton is a dick, and he isn't good at all. Just a lazy, stiffing, bitch.
    -DavidTheGiant 2013

    109. I'm not 18 I'm 13 sorry about that but we learn from our mistakes
    -tommy poston 2014

    110. Rating girls from your school.
    Post pictures of girls from your school and let your fellow MP members rate her.
    Please don't use this thread unless you're 14 and older.
    -Austin 2013

    111. well one day i watched a Nodq Q and a vid and ive heard TNA mightve gone of buisness soon
    -dooder 2014

    112. Oh good. It makes me laugh so hard when ride Muuftah's dick. Mhmmm.
    -Trouble 2014

    113. I know this is a very touchy subject let me know some suggestions for more thread ideas
    or improvements so i can get better
    Thanks TWF
    Guy that made thread,
    -Dooder 2014

    114. Hey Mogel, Can I talk to you for a sec? It's kinda weird, I see pregnant teens everyday, and I'm like Oh man.
    Last year, one of my old classmates (I'm 16) got pregnant and now one of my old classmates at my old city got pregnant,
    too much pregnancies.
    -Maniax 2014

    115. Now everyone is a Devitt mark and "always has been but just never really said it.
    -Adam 2014

    116. as everyone who watched raw on the 21st knows kane is back to the old days i thoink this was great
    i want to know what you think
    -patrick adcock 2014

    117. Oh man, My dad's are also racist sometimes, how do you name a Japanese baby? Throw them down the stairs and
    hear the sound of the stairs or go to some bells and whistles.
    -Maniax 2014

    118. I think indy wrestling is so much better than mainstream shit. When my friends irl talk about wrestling,
    I just sit there and nod my head. "Oh yes, Daniel Bryan is the best" but I'm thinking "No he isn't.
    Bryan Danielson is" and when they say "WrestleMania was so good" I'm thinkg "BOLA is better". WWE? No. PWG.
    -Dojo 2014

    119. Am here to show the clan that why I should be chmapion
    -George Stroud 2014

    120. Punma hi am George Stroud am a sub on youtube
    -George Stroud 2014

    121. *george bumps into cobros George: watch where you going kid.
    -George Stroud 2014

    122. *george walk to the ring with a suit on*
    George: tony why do you focus on Jordan, then me after.
    Because I no am soo smash and remember who your talking too? Don't ever make the worng mistake
    When I broke Frankie Collins neck.
    -George Stroud 2014

    123. Some random guy walks out with a mic. People are looking around asking who is this guy.
    Wellcome ladies and gentalmen let me introduce myself the name is James the kid.
    But all you people in the back better watch out because the kid is going to have gold around his waist.
    So my next queston is Who's first
    Breaking Benjamin: Polyamorous started playing then the guy walk out of the ring and went backstage
    -James The Kid 2014

    124. * The Maniac standing on the ramp shouting some strong words at @jerodbowden *
    Maniac: aaah you little shit. I really don't like you I think my partner one half of Barely Legal the Scat
    (@Scatman) will not join I can assure you that!
    * The lights go cut out *
    -Justin Harrows 2014

    125. If KENTA does not GTS Bryan at Payback, I riot! I know it wont happen.
    But just How Italian people say: "It wont happen, but IF IT DOES ..."
    -Sergio 2014

    126. im here and im not queer my names Jtheman121 and im preety good at shit except forums so yeah!
    -Jtheman121 2014

    127. Sex in a car
    -Mjbadboy123 2014

    128. I please your mum better than your dad
    -Mickymorris200 2014

    I also managed to collect some dirt before the great empire's fall.

    1. sitting here jerking off to the thought of dojo and christie making internet love
    -Trevor 2016

    2. Watching Beverly Hills Cop II (again). It's fuckin mint
    -Ring Rust 2016

    3. Rikishi, rubbing your arse in people's faces is a big no no. You are invading their personal space and intimate space
    Also sweet Sweet Dance Moves Ricky
    -Ring Rust 2016

    4. I don't feel the need for Valentines Cards, I just go to my window and yell "I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL!!"
    Happy Valentines Day everyone.-Rusty
    -Ring Rust 2016

    5. "Oh why...I have a headache as big as as the Big Shows Booty lol"
    -04JAKE 2014

    6. It's CarFax :O
    -04Jake 2016

    7. Ultralight beam is the only song worth listening to off of TLOP. Don't get me wrong, its a good album
    -Botche Botcherson 2016

    8. You all hate us and we feed on it and this week and at Money in the Bank we will be victors and you all will...... ?????????!
    -Impact 2016

    9. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear B11111skiiiiiiit, happy birthday to me
    -B1skit 2016

    10. I don't feel like speaking via a mic anymore because of all the jokes that comeback
    I heard it all before and to quote a song "These wounds,They will not heal."
    -Impact 2016

    11. I hear voices in my pants. They really itch. Oh crap it's ants.
    -Ring Rust 2016

    12. Guys (and gals), I think I have another concussion. This is because I headbutted a teacher on Friday (accidentally)-Rusty
    -Ring Rust 2016

    13. Sierra, Hotel, India, Tango... SHIT
    -Ring Rust 2016

    14. I like Nattie's outfit (in a non creepy and a non horny way). It covers everything but still shows off some skin with no
    risk of a nip slip
    -Ring Rust 2016

    15. Up n down their spine
    -Ring Rust 2016

    16. I was kinda really over about 24 hours ago now I'm hot shit minus the hot
    -Ring Rust 2016

    17. I hear helicopters firing. I love the seaside.
    -Ring Rust 2016

    18. I like to interview Dean Ambrose i like to get into his head about things in general and his rivals. 2.
    I like to interview Kevin Owens ask him why his dis his own fans? and would he ever want to fight A.J Styles?
    and finally 3. Kane How he got started in WWE and what opponent would you set on fire next?
    -steveox61 2016

    19. I think my mom died she isn't answer her phone from anybody and she went pretty far from our house im worried
    -darkness5906 2016

    20. You know im done with this stupid ass site it's filled with crappy wannabe youtubers or
    jerks who are keyboard warriors go get 3or4 subs
    -darkness5906 2016

    21. I fucking HATE Messiah he is lowlife scum that proves that people can devolve
    -darkness5906 2016

    22. My moms sleeping so i can't play WWE 2K16.
    -darkness5906 2016

    23. sour patch kids and mtn dew mhmmm!! and gore and perkins
    -darkness5906 2016

    -darkness5906 2016

    25. free dildos
    -darkness5906 2016

    26. Hell in a cell with taker cena turn heel or jeff hardy come back and be a heel
    -darkness5906 2016

    27. i masterbated at church camp 2. my fav wrestling promotion is czw 3.my fav wrestler is cm punk
    -darkness5906 2016

    28. A Very unhappy Chris Young enters the shot
    Chris: This place is a ****hole now, Anyone does what anyone wants and nothing get's done!
    So at Money in the Bank our contract is up, Will I re-sign who knows.
    Until then Jordon Bull I will make sure you will suffer!
    Chris walks away from the camera?
    -Impact 2016

    29. shut the fuck up nobody likes you go ride your daddy's dick Jesus I've had enough of your fucking nobody Jesus is God
    -darkness5906 2016

    30. you will die from a big truck running over your head
    -darkness5906 2016

    31. im a wrestler in realife backyard of course mine is the european uppercut the name is pick six and a spear sig are
    a double under hook ddt and a splash my name is craveen six
    -darkness5906 2014

    32. Cody:takes the hat off god i hate clowns
    -darkness5906 2014

    33. Now, I've been told to come out here and tell you a few things about myself. I'm a huge cat lover. I eat a lot of fruit and veg.
    And I think I might be the first ever Straight Edge TWF superstar.
    The crowd gives Cody a big pop
    -darkness5906 2014

    34. Wolf is amazing and Doris and Goblin and I don't like shir
    -HeelElite 2016

    35. The OP is highly negative and gave me a kind of Hitler Germany vibe while reading it
    -Ryan Davis 2016

    36. I heard indys out getting breastfed for his birthday. By his MOM.
    -Mary Christine 2016

    37. slap my scrotum
    -NexFlax 2016

    38. in a hotel room watching raw WITH MY DICK OUT
    -NexFlax 2016

    39. Taker's bleeding from the eye? HOLY POOP HOLY POOP HOLY POOP
    -Ring Rust 2016

    40. Example Promo
    *It starts off with two doctors talking to each saying
    Doctor 1 : I don't know if he is going to make he has been here a whole year and he hasn't even move an inch
    Doctor 2 : I know I think it is about time we pull the ...
    *then you hear two chairs shots and both the doctors are out cold then the camera pans up and see and bearded man with long hair
    Mysterious Man : and that's for not trimming me up assholes
    -DeAndre Griffin 2016

    41. Already giving mum a tenner a month for the Network doe.... #TeenProblems.
    -Geek773 2016

    42. * Then the man pick up the camera guy and starts speaking again
    Mysterious Man : This is what happens when get mad men , women , and anything that breaths get broken and battered
    * The man takes off his hood and it shows James Mason
    James : So everyone better get scared of the dark
    -DeAndre Griffin 2016

    43. James walks over to a open coffin and starts speaking
    James : Shaun the greatest sheep known to man I remember all the great times we had and I am sorry that it had to end like this
    James starts tearing up
    James : I'm so sorry !!! I didn't mean too. The axe was so heavy and your head was so big
    James is about to cry as he walks over to his seat
    James : Does anyone else have something to say
    -DeAndre Griffin 2015

    44. I want a shot
    -DeAndre Griffin 2015 (in TWF title tourney thread)

    45. I know that! Silly! You make me laugh hahahahahahahahaha
    -Ring Rust 2016

    46. *blushes*
    I...I just wanted you to know that I wish you a uh...happy birthday!
    *runs away sweating*
    -FN Punk 2016

    47. Happy Birthday! You are the Triple H of this forum,
    I would say that your're the Vince of this forum but Puls3 is the Vince (totally wasn't told by Puls3 to say that, totally not!!) jk,
    (Serious: Have a great day, avoid birthday beats, just become a ninja!) Phew! That was really long (haha that's what she said!)
    -DemonHunter1257 2016

    48. Wait how are you alive, are you a GHOST?!?!? Just like that uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chris BenWho guy!
    -DemonHunter1257 2016

    49. Skype. Now. Important stuffs
    -bloodlusT Phoenix 2016

    50. "No shit, you're a fucking twig" - Reborn describing me consuming a 230 pound Reese's cup
    -FN Punk 2016

    51. xD
    Geek773 (unironically in 2016)

    52. Anime is for the master race. You're either kawaii with us, or baka against us! Grr!!
    -FN Punk 2016

    53. You'd love my website
    -Ryan Davis 2016

    54. I may be watching wrestlemania live! (Not at wrestlemania but live at my house)
    -DemonHunter1257 2016

    55. this may be my last time logging on to twf and legging on to my life
    -ImpactQueen 2016

    56. @ImpactQueen had to ask a mod for something, but is scared to log on.
    -Impact 2016

    57. Below me is more proof of no brains and a lack of sense.
    -Impact 2016

    58. my dog just fucking shit in my room at 1:30 in the godamn morning
    i'm not happy
    -Harrison 2016

    59. U r not my bf but you did not get me my funkos... so im coming for you n***a... to break ur neck.
    -MaryChristine 2016

    60. I don't flush... I piss.
    -THG 2016

    61. Is AJ Styles the same as A.J. Styles? Or are they different?
    -TDFactor 2016

    62. TWF's resident partner of the slut
    -Kazzir 2014

    63. Tick Toc, Penis Clock.
    -Sam 2015

    64. Miz is 80's Goldust without the gay stuff? Noice.
    -Botchie Botcherson 2016

    65. We anit always see eye to eye but bye.
    -HeelElite 2016

    66. I'm thinking that El Majestico needs a sponsor.
    I'm thinking Cillit Bang.
    (Make the suggestions humorous/funny)
    -Ring Rust 2016

    They say life is one big ole dick swing, and I guess we have no choice but to accept that. R.I.P
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  2. This is the greatest thread of all time ever.
  3. Quotamania 2 was the best one
  4. Man the days the Jeffry/Punk anime lads ruled TWF were some dark times indeed.

    Also congrats to @Ring Rust for dominating this dam thing.
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  5. Number 95 is still true to this day.
  6. gave it an agree at first, but this Zinged me a bit more imho
  7. For reference though my quote No. 62 about wrestling being luck was sarcasm.
  8. ROLLANATER 3::16 YEAH :rollins5:
  9. . *george Walk to the ring
    George: good job on da thread
    OOC: will not be back Intill next year
  10. Like that cock muncher site was any real threat to us :brock4:
  11. :jeritroll:
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  12. So anyone wanna try and get Puls3 to get active on here?
  13. :eww:
  14. Just came here to say that Lars is the fuckin GOAT
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  15. Love you
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  16. WWEF always wins. :adr:
  17. There was a war?
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