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    Pre Show

    Tsar vs WukOffical

    Main Show

    6 Man Battle Royal
    Aids Johnson vs The Rock
    Tumbas vs Undertaker
    Shadow vs Solidus
    Royal Rumble Match
    Roadster vs Snowman
    The ReagMaster vs AfricanScatMahn

    Starts 10th July 2016
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  2. Who is on Team TWF? actually curious to who you think are from TWF.
  3. I just sincerely hope it doesn't turn out the same as last time
  4. but it will though. sorry
  5. Ok if you want a match on wwef wrestlemaina pm me k
  6. lol the fuck is 1/8/2016?

    Do you put the day or month first? You're from UK so I'm assuming the day first?

    Either way, whether you're saying January 8 or August 1, it's ridiculous.

    Do you have a sense of time m8? Before August comes you'll already make 19 more threads in this section.
  7. Since when was The Rock on TwF?
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