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  1. /me says
    Can You Dig It Sucka!?
    #STFU CASE CLOSED (Randy Savage AKA Eugene)

    More gimmicks please.

    @[Crayo] @[Farooq] @[Kanenite95] @[Randy Savage] @[Booket T] @[Seabs]

    /me prefers you people have WWE gimmicks. More fun that way. Here's a list of available gimmicks.

    Triple H - :bury: Son of the boss, Kayfabe CEO and :bury: everyone and one half of DX
    John Cena - Perfect gimmick for a forum nice guy like Leo C. Smile and be nice to everyone, if someone rages at you say "Rise Above Hate"
    JR - In this gimmick you call any and everything. @[Crayo] has just walked into a thread, what will happen now? And you can use any of JRs lines. "Slobber knocker", "business is about to pick up
    John Cena (Rap) - In this you pretty much rap everything you say or make it rhyme. You also have to try to humiliate the other person like rap cena used to
    Michael Cole - :cole: You get to be an asshole to everyone and say I quote [enter Anon GM text here]
    Austin - Say the Stone Cold lines such as "gimme a hell yeah if you think Crayo's an asshole." (No hard feelings Crayo.) Or "Austin 3:16 says:"
    Shane McMahon - Speaks for itself, son of the user @[Vince Mcmahon]
    Vickie Guerrero - Yell "EXCUSE ME" in every thread and manage the user Dolph'sZiggler.
    Hulk Hogan: :hogan: Say "brother" at least once in every sentence, and many of the other catch phrases the Hulkster has such as "Hulk-a-mania is still alive, brother."
    CM Punk: :pity: The real CM Punk. Put pipe bombs in all your posts and have your posts be actual pipe bombs. Like "@[Seabs], you're not the Best in the World. I am. You only got the award because of ties with the Crayo."
    Daniel Bryan: Yell :yes: in every thread I guess.
    Zack Ryder: :serious: Guido stereotype. Go around posting stuff like; "Hey @[Big Hoss Rambler] you ready to get your GTL on broski?" "WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT."
    R- Truth: Blad about a conspiracy theory.
    Santino Marella: Basically @[Randy Savage] but without the raging.
    Brian Pillman Loose Cannon - Be a loose cannon on the WWEFORUMS.NET
    1. Must have a pic of your gimmick in your avatar. :tough:
  2. gralll cheez
  3. /me says We could use a JR gimmick on these forums.

    "ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a slobberknocker"
  4. DAMN We need a stone cold e.e
  5. /me says Gimme a hell yeah. :austin:
  6. I would be Stone Cold, but my name sort of poses a problem with that
  7. /me says Why don't you be kane, but ur kanenite. This works better with legends since they can change their names. Or you could just make urself stone cold and change you name whenever you decide to get legend.
  8. How does one imitate Kane? I'll have to write with actions. *flips hair* *tilts head*
  9. Also you can change your name with Superstar.
  10. you have to pay for Superstar?
  11. Yeah $5.

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  12. Unless you beat Crayo in a bet.:otunga::otunga::otunga:
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  13. Yeah just bet against Crayo, he never wins.
  15. No gimmicks required, I'm just the that idiot who posts.

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  16. I thought that said 'Unless you beat Crayo in bed'
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