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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sackfist, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi there everyone, I have spoken to Crayo, who thinks it is a great idea to have on this site, and as you can tell by the thread subject, it is a newsletter.

    However I would require some assistance from people in creating the letter.

    So far this is the current staff:

    Sheldor - Editor & Writer
    Jonathon - IWT Articles
    Danielson - Smackdown, NXT & PPV's
    GrammerNazi - Impact Results
    Scarlette - Betting & New Members

    What the newsletter would feature is the following:

    Wrestling Results:
    Results from RAW, Impact.. (We would do more but we will be starting with just these)
    Smackdown, NXT & PPV's are covered by Danielson
    Impact is covered by GrammerNazi

    *Writer Requirements: An avid watcher of these wrestling shows*

    Wrestling News:
    Picking articles that are usually posted in threads and linking them to the threads so readers can post their thoughts there.

    *Writer Requirements: Someone who checks the forum often for news stories*

    IWT News:
    This is covered by Jonathon
    Results from Nitro Titles, New Champions, Upcoming Title Defenses, etc.

    Site News:
    Anything New to the site, such as software upgrades, new smilies, and other things like the $20 contest prize

    *Writer Requirements: Someone who checks the Site Announcements section often*

    This would be Results from prediction threads.
    New members & Betting Threads are covered by Scarlette

    *Writer Requirements: Someone who will lookout for new members, looks out at the betting thread and can produce results from that and prediction thread*

    If your willing to help out, that would be appreciated. And this is only the general idea. If you feel you have a section or an article you would like to write for the newsletter please feel free to post and we will take it under consideration.

    I hope you will take part in this newsletter.
  2. You'll eventually have to end up paying people who do wrestling reviews.
  3. Reviews? There is no reviews
  4. I demand a gazillion dollars a word :mad2:

    We have people who do threads on wrestling shit all the time in threads, not sure why we'd have to pay lol.
  5. There is no reviews...
  6. I presumed results and news would require a review of some kind. Oh well :pity2:
  7. I'm interested. I know i'm one of the few that religously watch Smackdown on a weekly basis. I could manage to watch NXT as well provided I can find links. (America) I also have purchased every PPV for about 12 years lol
  8. I wouldn't mind having a group section for it, where a person from each group writes something that would be included.
  9. Ok Danielson, you can do PPV's, NXT & Smackdown for this. Added you in
  10. I would have thought Stopspot would be great for NXT, only if he's willing to of course. It's just posting the results with a bit of explanation.
  11. I asked him, however he declined due to something you and him are working on for the site
  12. :urm:

    Not sure what that is lol :silva:
  13. How is this going to work out of interest? Is it a mass email to all users or a seperate site section?
  14. Crayo wanted it to be an email, I thought it could be a thread also. It is up to Crayo where he wants it to go
  15. Just wondered mate as if it was a thread it may discourage ppl from checking out the actual threads and using just the newsletter as a summary.

    Great idea though look forward to reading it.
  16. Will be a thread + email.
  17. I'll subscribe :obama:
  18. All for it count me in my worry bout the thread is obviously only a possibility with less active users.
  19. We will link threads we pick info from, so I don't think activity will decrease on those threads Cloud
  20. Ah right fair enough mate. Im for the idea btw it was just a concern lol.
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