Football WWEforums BPL Discussion thread - 2014-2015 season

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Jul 27, 2014.

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    The thread for all things Premier League during the 2014-2015 season. Use this thread to discuss matches, injuries, players, teams and so forth.

    This will also be the thread for the official Fantasy Premier league of WWEforums. We will be using the official Fantasy PL game and the code to join the league is 480624-123418. Feel free to put your squad together and join in.
    fantasy bpl players (open)

    Chatter away you birds​

  2. I'm gonna eat world's in this league
  3. So Remy fails his Liverpool medical? Seems any chance Sunderland had of getting Borini is now well and truly over... :sad:

    We are linked with Cristian Rodriguez from Atletico though, I wouldn't mind him at all :obama:

    I'll get my annual BPL predictions thread up soon
  4. You haven't done The results from the last one unless I missed it
  5. You're right, I completely forgot. I'll get on it now :dawg:
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  6. Realized @mh0707 might be interested in this
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  7. I am. Going to join the fantasy league.
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  8. Will definitely join the fantasy league, but damn coming so close last season was brutal so here's hoping the reds pull it off this season, highly unlikely though. I look at the squad and while I see a decent squad, not really what you'd call championship material. We do have the money though so i'm still optimistic.
  9. Done lads.
  10. Yeah I am up for this.
  11. Signed up, looking forward to this!
  12. Divock Origi confirmed as a Liverpool player. Will be loaned out next season to his former club Lille in France.
  13. In!

    Lets go Diego, hazaard and yaya
  14. [​IMG]

    From Uniteds pre season tour match against Inter in New York. Who can forget the famous Old Traddord
  15. Come on you spurs. Let's do this.

    So happy the BPL is back on.
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  16. lolmanu

    and why just PL? I support a Champs team ;-;
  17. Fuck Yah go Swansea!
  18. Arsernal were not all that but a vital three points so no complaints.
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