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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. List:
    - Zach
    - Danielson
    - Dolphs
    - Senhor
    - ???
    - ???
    - ???
    - ???

    ESPN League
    Name: WWEForums
    Password: dbry
  2. I'll make a league, I just want to know how many people. Do you think 8 will be good?
  3. JOSE!!!!

    Yeah i'm down though, hook me up with the info when you get it.
  4. 8 is a bare minimum, try to get 10-12. Also Head to Head right?
  5. Head to Head total not categories. and I kinda want to do auction but we'll take a vote when we have all the people.
  6. Sounds good, you, senhor, and I now. I'm sure @geekgoddess is down.
  7. also @deth
  8. I think we'll be lucky to get 8, not a lot of americans on here i think
  9. aids likes baseball too.
  10. i forgot about him, that's 6 assuming they all join.
  11. Thanks. Yeah i'll play.
  12. This is tight, just gotta get two more.
  13. Sweet.

    Thats 4, I expect Dolph to play and if geekgoddess and deth play then we'll need one more for 8 and that should be good.
  14. he has the notification shit off, just pm him.

    Rain might be down, i'm not sure who else here even cares in the smallest amount. Me? It's going to be hard cheering for a team with a player i am now 100% sure is a fucking cheater. Fucking Braun.
  15. Ok well Senhor, Aids, and Danielson I made the league on ESPN

    Name: WWEForums
    Pass: dbry
  16. and to think we actually believed him.:damnn:
  17. If you guys had 1st pick who would you get?
  18. Verlander of course
  19. Two good points. My friend and i were talking the other day when the shit in Miami came out and i (sadly) won a bet on Braun being on the list.

    The 2nd is hilarious, the website posted like THE DAY BEFORE "Braun enjoying a drama free offseason" and it was just flooded with hate after it all went down, it now is backlisted and/or removed.

    I get that i was naive assuming science proved it, I just never understand people cheating who are on his level without cheating. I would take 07 braun for 12 years, but who knows if he was cheating then, too. So butthurt dude, so so bad. I know people choose a side but cheering for Brauny with 2 down in the bottom of the 9th is going to feel so fucking cheap now.
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