WWEFORUMS.net After Dark #2 NOC edition (SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Well, NOC has come and gone, :sad: I figured I would write this before I go into the rate threads and the review threads so I could post my thoughts without being swayed by anyone else s comments.

    So... here goes:

    So, why is the Intercontinental Championship match curtain jerking tonight? This is a travesty. Here is the scoop, if there is ANYONE wrestling that night that is in ownership of a MITB briefcase... That wrestler shall lead off the show. It makes it feasible to tease a cash in later that night, if everyone sees him lead off on the card. No one was thinking cash in where Ziggler was on the card... way to keep it suspenseful WWE. A big time fail on your part!!!

    All in all, the WWE has to get Sin Cara off our TVs and back to development. The guy cant work unless he has someone he can actually talk to. He will legit cripple someone because he cant effing work the wwe style... this is hard to watch. The whole making of Miz thing was downright silly and make the lead off match turn into a clown show. I had already ascertained Miz was winning right after he said that we was filing a complaint to Booker T on smack down....which sux because I bet against him, hoping he would get a main event push. MIZ wins in a completely shittastic match.

    Team Friendship vs KOTRUTH..... All comedy aside... the match was sorta good. Most of the stuff I saw coming in the match, but it still was entertaining. The stuff after the match was GOLD!!! complete with the "I am the tag team champions!" argument... I actually LOL at the Gatorade dump... awesome.
    Team FRIENDSHIP are the new TT Champs.....of the world.

    Cessaro vs Zack Ryder. I actually enjoyed most of this match. Ryder was made to look very strong in this match. He did not look like a running joke in this match and I hope this continues into a fued. These two wrestlers actually put on a good show. I hope this happens a few more times!!!
    Cessaro retains.

    Now, I was not thinking that Randy Orton was going over clean here. It actually screamed Dirty finish for Dolph Ziggler...
    I was fully expecting that Ziggler was going to dirty win this match via massive briefcase shot, with a Vicky distract....
    Thanks #WWELOGIC.. you amaze me again, when is orton getting written off for the movie? Makes me think the "finger" incident was a work to kayfabe "suspend him" for however long the movie shoot is...

    Orton wins clean :upset:

    Layla vs EVE........ who??? EVE WTF? Why are they "injuring" Kaitlyn and inserting Eve? storyline of not, this was going to be the "feel good" moment of this card. Kaitlyn overcoming the odds and beating Layla for her first ever title. This would have made this match more watchable... I think Kaitlyn is polished enough to pull a good match out of layla... who IMHO is fucking terrible as a wrestler...:pity: because she is freaking beautiful. That stupid double rope springboard makes me cringe... just plain bad. The only good part besides watching fur fly.. is that layla has no more belt.. and she can come back to cleaning my house!

    Sheamus vs ADR...

    anyone else notice that ADR only has AR on his tights and boots? This match starts out with Booker T announcing before the match that the Brouge kick is now legal.............ummn.....what?
    why? :bury: SO... now we know exactly how the match is going to end.. Thanks WWELOGIC... lets spoils it right away....OK OK.. we all knew Sheamus was going over here, but CMON!!!!!! Why do you build up the storyline for a week to ban it just to shit it away... just brutal... this was a golden opportunity to expand Sheamus move set and establish him as a better non stiffer worker... yay, you blew it again..

    SUPER SHeamus gets the win

    SUPER Cena vs CM Punk.
    Having Heyman be out there was a solid decision, made me think that maybe a Lesner appearance to screw over Cena or Punk could happen. I was all for it. The promo was solid as well. The bunch of fans with the large batch of black CENA SUCKS signs were priceless. I saw a few signs in the crowd:

    Cena wins. We riot
    (spoiler) Cena wins (spoiler)
    Feed me s'mores

    The match itself had a few drawbacks. I am very tired of all the finisher kickouts....yes maybe one in a match.. but the sheer amounts of these lately cheapen the product. We hear for years that "so and so, perfected this move" just so Super Cena can kick out.. just brutal.... Even so much that it was mentioned during the match that Randy savage threw that elbow just a little bit better :facepalm: Is it just me, or is CM PUNK turning into Eugene... stealing everyones finisher..

    CM PUNK wearing Yankeee pinstripes: :smug: :otunga::lol1:

    The finish could have been better seeing that it was in BOSTON. Punk being all smug about it after.. chanting hes the BITW on the ramp... good times.

    All in all, this card itself, is about a 5.5 for me..... could have been much better RAW should be good tomorrow..


  2. Enjoying reading these, keep 'em coming.

    Agreed with almost everything, a serious Ryder's a hell of a worker/athlete, Sin Cara sucks and shouldn't be pushed past Tyson Kidd or Hunico, shit, put the mask back on Hunico and fire Cara. Interesting idea with the MITB always opening, especially with Ziggler holding it, nobody pumps up the crowd more than Ziggler except maybe Team Friendship.

    They're doing a good job with Kaitlyn atm, keep screwing her out of title shots until she finally gets her chance and wins it. Do what TNA should have done with Velvet Sky... Kaitlyn reminds me a lot of her, plenty of effort, no athleticism, and tons of boob. Didn't notice the "AR", nice catch, and who cares about the match after that beginning. Awful booking.

    The crowd and the crowd signs were beautiful, lots of one catering to us NXT marks.

    The ME was alright, as you say the constant finisher-kickout stuff was asinine, both men playing God, main enjoyable part was Punk's counters to Cena's predictable ass offense. "Raw should be good tomorrow"... yeah, about that...
  3. its not cara who need to go back to development its all the other wrestlers that need to!!! also all the other wrestlers need to learn his language!!!
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