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Discussion in 'RAW' started by DarksideTrin, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Basically, I just wanna talk about something interesting to me at least.

    Now we all know that striking someone with an illegal object is a DQ when it is detected and caught correct? This is common knowledge.

    Now. We also all know that hitting with a closed fist is an illegal move right? Am I correct in this logic.

    Lets talk big shows WMD!!

    It is a finisher that involves an illegal move right?

    So. Should this finisher be considered an automatic DQ if the referee sees it happen?

    Or should the WWE loosen the restrictions on the "closed fist" because we all see it happen anyway?

    Current finishers are very much more devastating than the closed fist! Brogue kick, pedigree, tombstone, cobra!!! Much more than a simple punch can.... At least in wwe context. Wade Barrett an his elbow finisher is a much more devastating impact then any punch... Shoul ld this be illegal?

  2. Pass. WMD is garbage, Orton got screwed over, and there are way more questions than i want to answer. Why not start with 2-3 and add more as we discuss?
  3. Because this is the topic I chose for my thread. That is why
  4. Moved to RAW.
  5. Garbage yes. But should it be illegal?
  6. No one has an opinion?
  7. WWE logic. Nothing much else to say here.
  8. WMD is not a closed fist, it's just made to look that way with auspicious camera angles and what not. I however prefer the showstopper chokeslam, but I guess show is too lazy to do it.
  9. Not a closed fist??

    Are you actually serious?
  10. Choke slam, WMD, Final Cut in that order. WMD is dumb but final cut was dumber
  11. I'm breaking Kayfabe. In order to punch someone in the face that fist has to be lose otherwise it'd actually hurt.
  12. Welcome to WWE's mind. You have reached floor 748. The floor above is floor 3748. The floor below is floor 2. Where would you like to go?
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