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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Farooq just reminded me that I want to make this thread, lets all book a segment each on Monday night Raw and then we'll who's is better on Monday, ours or Raw.

    We can do like 12 segments or something, please make it realistic and not like ROCK RETURNS AND FACES STONE COLD!!!111

    I'll kick off, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk face off in a promo only to be interrupted by Mick Foley who informs them he's booked a 60 minute iron man match for the 1000th Raw.

    This thread could epicly fail but anyway.. continue on from that point..
  2. They start to argue in the ring until AJ comes out. She goes over to Punk and hugs his arm and sticks her tongue out at Daniel Bryan. Daniel then rolls his eyes as he leaves the ring. Mick Foley says, "Now when was the last time you were in a match AJ?" AJ looks over to him and shakes her head with a look on her face saying she didn't want to. Mick shrugged and said, "Well you're not gonna get paid just to be eye candy girl. Tonight you'll fight the person who lost to the Diva's champion at No Way Out, Beth Phoenix!" The crowd got wild as she looked angry and began to throw a fit.
  3. After commercials, it cuts to a backstage interview with Punk talking about what just happened. Bryan attacks from behind, throws him through glass (sugar glass obv) and puts him in the YES Lock. Walks off with a smile and states "Once you go Bryan there's no point in trying", then yes chants. After this, you hear Dolph's music hit, he's in a rematch with Swagger. He beats Swaggler cleanly, Vickie goes to congratulate but he grins and just walks away from her.
  4. We cut to Striker trying to get a interview with AJ for her match that is up next but AJ is throwing a tantrum in her locker room. Throwing things around her and screaming like a woman possessed. Striker and the camera man quickly retreat and we cut to commercials.
  5. After the commercial, Beth's theme hits the arena, signifying that the match's starting right now. Beth seems to be confident. When it was finally AJ's turn to show up for the match, "Let's Light It Up" blasted from the arena speakers, but alas, she was no-show.
  6. The titantron shows Striker knocking on AJ's door, trying to get her to come out for her match. He gets no answer, Brodus walks by and helps Striker try to get AJ to open the door, when she again refuses Brodus kicks the door in only to reveal that the room is empty and her window is open. Beth is shown scratching her head, not knowing what to think.
  7. (Too much diva focus...)

    We then hear that AJ has left. Moving on, we move to an announced legends appreciation segment hosted by Foley, only to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose.
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  8. Ambrose attacks Foley but only after a massive mic segment getting the crowd to hate him and me to love him, Jerry Lawler goes to help Foley but is attacked also.
  9. Regal's theme hits, and he starts running down to the ring, and trades blows with Ambrose. :stfu:
  10. :facepalm1: then Ambrose beats him silly too then.
  11. Then Supercena bangs on Punks door asking for a titleshot punk declines Cena whoops his ass
  12. Vince turns up and fire Cena for hitting his champion. having grown tired of Cenas antics for the last seven years. Sending him packing with a letter of reference to TNA. Punk giggles like a school girl all through out it.
  13. (Come on, be realistic people).

    Big Show comes out and cuts a promo. Mark Henry interrupts stating he's the most dominant superstar of all time and Big Show is a laughing stock. Henry goes to the ring, Big Show attempts the WMD, Henry counters and hits Show with the Worlds Strongest Slam. He then takes Big Show out the ring and does the same through the announcetable, and then pummels him through the barricade. We don't see Big Show for a year. Henry stands tall as he reintroduces the hall of pain, he states he's coming after Sheamus' title.
  14. Crayo: Ridiculous posting gets a ridiculous response.

    Sheamus has a backstage segment saying he welcomes the challenge that Henry poses, that he is a different superstar then he was last year and that he will put a stop to the Hall of Pain this time. But first he has to deal with Del Rio tonight, and he hopes Henry is watching.


    Sandow comes out and cuts a promo on the crowd, telling them that they are cultural and intellectual degenerates that don't do enough working and reading, that fun is for children not for adults. Ryder comes out and interrupts him, telling him that work is a necessity, but fun is something everyone should be allowed to have. The two starts to argue before Foley comes out and books them in a match, right now.

    Ryder and Sandow work a good mid carder match, Sandow wins by cheap shotting Ryder before walking off.
  15. After this, Prime Time players enter the ring with Abe. They thank Abe for what he has done, but Titus distracts Abe and then Darren beats him down. Darren hits his awesome finisher on him and chucks him out the ring. They say they don't need anyone else, they got here on their own and they will remain on their own. Then Kidd and Gabriel enter, a match is scheduled between them. After a good 10 minutes+ prime time get the win cleanly. Billions and millions.
  16. The Miz returns from filming the Marine and cuts a promo on how hes gonna take WWE by storm now hes back, he challenges anyone backstage for a match A-Ry comes out and they battle a hard match with Miz picking up the win, after the match Miz attacks Riley reigniting their feud.
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