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Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. The NFL one seems pretty popular so here is another for the Barclays Premier League.

    League ID - 4945
    Password - wweforums

  2. Do they not make premier league fantasy leagues that are more similar to the NFL league? Where you draft players and only one team can have a player?

    I'm not too into these types of leagues where you have a budget and everyone can get whoever they want
  3. Not that I know of, if anyone else knows one they're welcome to make a league.
  4. Decided to join up, prices of the players are a bit off.
  5. Team Skyro is in (me and Xanth).
  6. Awesome, Can't wait for the season to start.
  7. Good to see a few more guys decided to join.
  8. Anyone going to share their teams?
  9. I don't think we can see teams until the first day, or you on about posting them here?
  10. Talking bout posting them here :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. [​IMG]

    Back 5 is really solid IMO, Newcastle should be strong again aswell City, Anton should start a fair few games in a QPR team I expect to improve a lot this year. Jags is a great player and Everton will be solid again this year IMO.

    Midfield is my weakest area by a long way, McLeary should start a lot of games and I'm hoping Reading surprise a few people this year ala Swansea and Norwich last year. Ben Arfa goes without saying IMO, a dope playmaker. Hoping Mackie stars in a resurgent QPR side also, hell a guy can dream I guess.

    Up top I'm hoping Nando comes good as the main striker for Chavski, got a feeling he'll settle this season, JD will pick up around 15 goals from the bench IMO and Pavel had a great year for Fulham also comes into the idea of Reading being the surprise package.
  12. Yeah, I'm alright with sharing my team, I'm sure you'll all see it soon enough anyway.


    I've included the reasons for me picking them here :

    Szezesny : Good Goalkeeper, and a lot cheaper than J.Hart and others.
    Ian Harte : Solid LB at Reading will be sure to play plenty of game, takes Freekicks and penalties so bound to get a couple of goals.
    Vincent Kompany : Captain of defending champions, Solid defender. Plenty of MOTM awards last season.
    Gary Caldwell : Got hundreds of points last year at a struggling Wigan, he'll be sure to get a 100+ points again.
    Martin Kelly : My wild card really because I don't know if Rodgers will play him.
    M.Fellani : Good solid Defensive/Central/Attacking midfielder, starts nearly every game for Everton.
    H.Ben Afra : Had a good season at Newcastle, creating 8 goals I believe and scoring 5 or 6.
    Alex Song : Rumours he's going to Barcelona, If so I'll replace him. But a good player, created plenty of goals last season for Arsenal.
    S.Ageuro : Pretty self explanatory really scored 24+ goals last season, I'm sure he'll do it again.
    P.Pogrebnyak : Scored 6 goals in 12 games at Fulham, proven goalscorer everywhere he's been.
    F.Torres. : For the sake of 9 million, he's a steal! 10 million Less than Aguero.
  13. Dont have access to Xanth's acc yet so I'll post what I remember of ours

    Richards Vidic Kompany Fabio
    Kagawa Scholes Britton
    Rooney Torres Podolski
  14. Seem's like a solid team, good selections.
  15. My team. Most likely the jobbers of the season but I looked for decent players with hope to grab a middle spot on the rankings. With plans to expand the team with better players later. I feel that my striking and mid field is my strongest points.

    Show Spoiler
  16. Emmerson Boyce, and Kyle Walker will get you plenty of points, I also picked Alexander Song, but rumours are he may be headed for Barcelona so you'll have to look out for that, incase you need to change him. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Song is a great buy for assists if he stays.
  18. I know he seem's a steal at 6 million. The price is probably because of the high chance of him leaving. Cracking player though with plenty of assists last season. I believe it was 13 assists he got in the Premier League last season. Him and Van Persie were fantastic.
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