WWEFORUMS t-shirts

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  1. I want one with an ice creame bar on it. Seriously, would anyone want to make t-shirts and sell them to members?
  2. I'd buy one. Seriously.
  3. I really want to do this. I've never done anything like it before so I need to find a place to get it designed/made etc. I thought it'd be a cool thing to do, though I'm unsure how many people would buy/wear them.
  4. A good pro with a lot of web stores for things like this is you just print up as many as are ordered. So if we just designed one and then no one bought it we wouldn't be hit by it financially.
  5. I'd buy a couple to be honest. I really would.
  6. I want one with the shield shouting "WWE is our show" and Mr. McMahon saying "Yeah? In old words, YOU'RE FIRED"
  7. I would buy one if it had #Crayluminati on it
  8. Would be perfect for wiping my ass. :dawg:
  9. TBH i would actually buy 1
  10. I don't know how we'd get a random Ice Cream bar on the shirt. lol
    The only one's I could think of is...


  11. LOL yeah, the first part was a joke with the ice creame bars. I wanted to be CM Punk for a second lol. That is dope though, i'd love to buy that bad boy.
  12. Is there a way I can buy that bad boy somewhere?
  13. if it was "Lackin" :fap:
  14. I had a dream.... That millions would be fighting for just ONE :testify: - face of your company shirt.
  15. @"CM Punk" I think that fist logo is under DDP copyright (it was made for me, and I didn't realise it was his fist) so we couldn't use that.

    I would love someone to design us a shirt though so we can just submit it to the distribution places. I don't mind manually shipping the t-shirts out to the US myself (as long as it's cheap). I don't think we could have custom names on the back though.
  16. There is a place by my house that does that as well... Got some jerseys done
  17. Do you have an idea for a logo? Something that'll represent the site?
  18. Not sure if they ship internationally but they are pretty cheap.


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