WWEForums Wrestler of the year awards 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Stopspot, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. It's time for the WWEForums Wrestler of the year awards for 2014!

    Fill out the form located here to determine the best wrestler, technician, female wrestler, company, TV show and so forth of the wrestling year of 2014.

    We in the staff figured this would be a fun way to tally what the community liked wrestling wise from the past year.
    The form is easy to fill out and only takes a minute or two depending on how long you have to think about your answers. You have until the end of week 52 to vote.

    For those wondering about the community awards: They are coming in a little while.

    Once again. Go here to vote.

    Have fun!
  2. Done, now howz about one for the WWEF Community itself? :hmm:
  3. Those awards are being finalized and will be posted this weekend.
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  4. Done.

    I had two votes because I accidentally clicked on the button before finishing.
  5. Did it, but honestly I felt some of them should have had options rather than insert the answers. And that there should have been TNA Superstar of the Year, ROH Superstar of the Year and NJPW Supestar of the year.

    The winner for some groups will probably end up with 3 votes since you can put in random shit. Also, this should be a global announcement or featured so people can vote.
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  6. Thankya for the update Solidus.
  7. Agreed, there should've been a range of options. A bunch of us might vote for Daniel Bryan, but might do it differently so it's harder for there to be a true winner.

    And I'm not sure who qualifies for Rookie of the Year, but Luke Harper being virtually anonymous before this year and becoming such a great character does it for me. Not sure who else could do it for me tbh, going just by the RAW main roster. Although, Rockstar Spud's new character this year would be an amazing pick too.
  8. I personally wouldn't consider Harper to be a rookie.

    A rookie would be a unknown breaking out on TV, Baron Corbin is a good example.

    Harper had all of 2013 in NXT not to mention his indy career.
  9. I couldn't even think of who to vote for for Rookie Of The Year. Bo Dallas is about the only person to come to mind (where has he been lately?), but I never like voting for people just by default.

    Then again, I left pretty much the bottom half of the ballots blank.
  10. He's injured
  11. Cachorro is the rookie of the year, the only right choice.
  12. Really want to vote Ambrose for Rookie since it's been his breakout year as a singles guy/character.

    Also, is "Best/Worst show" like the best/worst PPV/special event, or the best/worst weekly show?
  13. Guys, learn what "ROOKIE" means, pls. Tnx.
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  14. I haven't watched much wrestling this year as the previous but I chipped in with my votes....

    TBH, I have no idea of any rookies this year so yeah...But anyway, I think some other catergories should be added for next years like "Breakout Wrestler of the Year", "Most Improved", "Best Tag Team" and "Best Manager" as well as Commentator awards...

    But yeah, I chipped in...
  15. Ah fuck, I knew I had forgot someone in the voting. Yeah, he's the only rookie who seems to be a seasoned competitor. He changed his name, to The Panther it's better than Cachorro. I'm pretty sure that is a name of a dog.
  16. @u_cant_c_me you're going to have to re-do yours.

    The new day are not a promotion. A promotion is a wrestling company, not a faction on TV.
    Also you cannot pick two shows for show of the year.

    Also I need to remind people. Rookies are people that debuted this year. As in they haven't been wrestling before or have just about one years worth of experience. Havok or Luke Harper do not count since they have been wrestling for ages before WWE and TNA.
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  17. @Stopspot Im not to sure what to put thats why i did those can u give me a hand on this?
  18. if you do not know what to write, leave it blank
  19. can u give me some Idea's about this Plz @Stopspot? just this one time Im in the hospital so Im not happy right now so some help would be nice
  20. if you like WWE more than TNA, shouldn't they be your promotion of the year? Or vice versa.
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