Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. This is going to sound really stupid but one of Crayo's earlier status had us going back and forth like if we were playing a pokemon game. I found it hilarious, so why not blow it up. I'm suggesting that WWEForums hold a tournament just like that and the funniest posts (chosen by 3 judges) will win and advance to the next round until there is a winner.

    To get a general sense of the idea here's what was posted earlier.

    Le wild Crayo appears

    Dat Kid used Illuminati Accusations

    Not very effective, Crayo used bury

    Critical hit, Dat Kid used 'merica support
    Dat Kid regained health.

    I thought it was funny and despite being a total nerd for this it'd be funny if we had this. Just in case anyone is wondering, I don't smoke pot.

    So let me know if you guys would be interested in this and I'll get it started.
  2. Love stuff like this. You can use the / me tag too. For example

    /me uses bury.
    Comes out like this:

    /me uses bury.
  3. /me uses the power of the superior leo

    /me lands a critical hit!

    @[Crayo] has fainted!

    What WWEForums'mon will be used next?
  4. /me wild Afroman appears
  5. /me uses the superior leo

    /me lands a critical hit!

    Wild Afroman has fainted.

    /me grew to level 87!

    /me learned instah-kill!

    Step up son.

    hash tag OP as fuck :cole:
  6. /me wild Afroman was going to attack, but then he got high
  7. /me confirmed for best wweforums'mon
  8. WTTCOTW Appear
  9. :urm:

    /me surrenders

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    damn you
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  10. WTTCOTW allows you to worship them now.
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  11. Show Spoiler
  12. Damn, that's a big picture.

  13. It's the epicness of those three Gods together that increases the size :true:
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