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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Sackfist, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. I thought this could be a cool addition to the site. As WWE does their Power 25 based on their stars performance, the site could do a Power 25 (or less a Power 10 perhaps) showcasing active users.

    I don't know if this can be done by a plug-in, but it could be a plug-in that meaures posts from a start date to end date and shows the top 10 posters that week. Then shows them in order, perhaps a little comment below them (Like we have for the member of the month) and could show how many posts they posted in that period.

    I don't believe it could take up much space, it could show a few and possibly have a scroll on it to scroll down the list and only occupy a small space on the right hand side.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Don't see it, well, we've got the MOTM so I don't really think it's necessary...
  3. I like the idea
  4. I like it too.
  5. I like it, but I can't say why we can't use it at the moment. The same applies for all plugin suggestions; they're highly improbable at this time, and eventually you'll find out why.
  6. I think it would be more fun without a plugin and if a couple of users made a subjective list instead of just going by raw numbers like post count.

    Back int he day Mince and Lacky would have been at the top every week but they were hardly great posters
  7. Thank you Crayo Meltzer :pity:
  8. Sources indicate something may be happening soon with the forum however plans are subject to change in a blazing inferno or if Crayo develops Xenophobia.
  9. Start with x and end in o?
  10. XOXOXO?
  11. Hahaha ^

    Anyway, closed.
  12. So Crayo will we be able to incorporate the plugin now?
  13. Love this idea, Since the secret is out and we changed software Crayo should do this :emoji_slight_smile:
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