WWEF's Greatest Superheroes

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The Reagmaster, Mar 26, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I actually have this picture on my wall above my bed, it's quite cool. XD

    Yea, I took less time to do another list except....this list is completely different. Because it's not about WWE. To hype up Marvel's Infinity War, what better to do than the favourite superheroes. The same score system applies as the WWE list. You can pick heroes from Marvel, DC or Independent if you wanna include Hellboy. Because it's freaking Hellboy, man. Hellboy is cool.

    PM your top 6 heroes to me
    You can pick any superhero that has a comic book named after them. No Villains yet. Might do that at one point for a separate list even though pretty sure Loki/Joker would be at the top.
    send the list with 1 being first and 2 being second and so on so I'm not confused.
    Deadline is the....16th of April, I guess? I did 3 weeks before so lets do that again.

    Now....tag people!

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  2. Why am I tagged? You know I hate nerd shit. But whatever. Here's the list. People can feel free to copy and paste this to use for their own votes as well. You're welcome

    1. Superman Punch
    2. Shark Boy
    3. Curry Man
    4. Super Eric
    5. Captain New Japan
    6. Kevin Nash
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  3. Okay...I think I can do this...

    1). Power Girl
    2). Swamp Thing
    3). She-Hulk
    4). Man Thing
    5). The Sentry
    6). Supergirl
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  4. 1. Batman...cos, well, Batman.
    2. Iron Man
    3. Shazam/Captain Marvel
    4. The Flash
    5. Deadpool
    6. Gambit.

    Yes, I'm boring.
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  5. Again.....Personal Message, guys. I'm gonna tally them all and stuff. This is exactly like the WWE lists. XD

  7. Well your thing ain't making the list until you pm it. Boi. XD

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  8. You just want people to slide into your DMs.

    Also, what if I don't have a top 6?
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  9. Then....throw random superheroes in, till you do?
  10. What about vigilantes?
  11. Well Batmans a vigilante and we can't really leave him out can we? So yea, sure.
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  12. That is who I was referring to :kitler:
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  13. What about groups, and I don't mean things like the avengers, I mean things like the Fantastic Four
  14. Let's just keep it to solo for now but if you want to choose one person from the f4, you may.
  15. Bump because me no likey threads on second page

    6 days to go to support your superheroes! So go do that.
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  16. Support this! :finger:
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  17. Legit thought you had my back for a second there.

    ....where's the sad rating?
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  18. Hey I signed on didn't I? :kitler:
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  19. Well this went interestingly. Thank you to the 6 people who helped compile my list (one of these days, I'll reach my goal of ten people. One day. XD) anyway those people are me, @Solid Snake @Mike Thunder @Grievous @Dr. Hoxo Jr @Seth Freeman and wow, there's a clear winner in the list. But lets go through the last place smucks first.

    Groot - 10 points
    (Master #6)


    Supergirl - 10 points
    ( Grievous #6)


    The Punisher - 10 points
    (Thunder #5)


    Black Panther - 10 points
    (Snake #6)


    The Sentry- 20 points
    (Grievous #5)


    Star Lord - 20 points
    (Thunder #5)


    Raven - 20 points
    (Hoxton #5)


    Thor - 20 points
    (Snake #5)


    And there's the people. I really wanted to put Thor on the list and he almost made it instead of Groot but then I rewatched Guardians Of The Galaxy which confirmed my decision. Also I expected Panther to get more love tbh due to the film being REALLY REALLY REALLY successful but it was not to be. Also to add something to this, I'm gonna do a battle royal with everyone I who share points and wonder who would win. This one is a easy one because...come on now. The first battle is between Groot, Supergirl, Punisher and Black Panther. Supergirl would definitely win, maybe her biggest competition being freaking groot XD. As for the twenty pointers....Star-Lords dead straight away so its Daughter of the demon vs God of Thunder vs the man who is literally invulnerable when not in human form. Now this depends on if Raven could do something to make him robert reynolds but then again....would she have a chance to do any smash before getting destroyed? Sentry wins!

    Battle of the ten pointers: Supergirl!

    Battle of the twenty pointers: Sentry!
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  20. Nightwing - 30 points
    (Master #4)

    Man-Thing - 30 Points
    (Grievous #4)

    The Flash - 30 points
    (Freeman #4)

    Gwenpool - 40 Points
    ( Master #3)


    She-Hulk - 40 Points
    (Grievous #3)


    Catwoman - 40 points
    (Snake #3)

    Aquaman - 40 points
    (Freeman #3)
    So this is more of a interesting line up for sure. Though Flash would be in top 3 for sure tbh. Gwenpool is just great.That's the explanation for Gwenpool. And before anyone says anything, no she's not the lady version of deadpool! She can die and she's from the real world but was dragged in! She would have been higher but I forgot she was a thing until a couple of days ago when I realised her comic book run which sadded me so I re read most of those. Shut up. As for the battles....For the 30 Point battle between Flash, Nightwing and Man-Thing. I don't know much about Thing so I googled it and even though I can see him taking out my bro, Nightwing. Flash would win the battle. He's kinda quick. As for the fatal 4 way between 3 women and Aquaman...sounds like the start of the joke but I got nothing. Catwomans gone. Easily. And so would Gwenpool because....both of them literally have nothing against the other two. Also not surprised that the cat obsessed admin chose FREAKING CATWOMAN! Come on! Aquaman vs She Hulk...Without the power of Trident, Aquaman has a disadvantage against The She-Hulk, she lifts WAY more stuff then the Atlantain and is near invulnerable to physically harm, and attacks. But considering it's a random battle and Aquaman would probably have the trident. Aquaman has a far greater advantage in power, and versatility, With that he can flood entire cities, harm gods as Darkseid, create forcefields etc. Which would definitely take out She-Hulk and give Freeman's list both wins.

    Wow, I'm a nerd.

    Battle of the 30 pointers winner: Flash
    Battle of the 40 pointers winner: Aquaman
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