WWEF's Greatest Wrestlers of the 'Mania era (#1)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 17, 2013.

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Poll closed Mar 20, 2013.
  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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  2. Hulk Hogan

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  3. HBK Shawn Michaels

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  4. Ric Flair

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  5. The Undertaker

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  1. Anyone who was around in this forum's infancy might remember when I tried to compile a list of the board's consensus top wrestlers of the Wrestlemania era. It wound up failing for a few reasons, but I think with more users and hopefully smarter users who can follow simple instructions we can develop a solid list this time.

    The format: I have taken it upon myself to provide you with 5 of the all time greats in this initial poll. You simply vote who you consider to be the best of the 5 (I don't care if you think the true GOAT isn't on the list :pity1: ) After you vote in the poll, you post who you've voted for, and you NOMINATE a wrestler to be placed into the next poll.

    Example of what you should post after you vote:
    I vote for Doink the Clown, and nominate Disco Inferno

    If you vote and don't post, the vote doesn't count. If you vote, post and don't nominate a new wrestler, your vote does not count. For this format to work we have to have guys nominating someone for the next poll.

    The criteria: you are not voting for your favorite wrestlers. You are voting for the greatest wrestlers of all time. Not technical wrestler, wrestler. You are taking everything they do as a performer into account. You should consider all aspects of what goes into being the greatest, from in ring ability, psychology, charisma, promo work, star power, longevity, ect. Whatever you think it takes to be called the greatest is how you should vote. Just please use multiple criteria, is all I ask. Don't say "I think technical wrestlers are the GOAT so I'm nominating Lance Storm!" I'll kill you.

    Eligible wrestlers: Anyone who has wrestled for WWF/E, WCW or ECW (because WWE owns the rights to those companies) AFTER Wrestlemania 1 will be eligible.

    I'm really hoping we can work this out this time around, so don't disappoint me, noobs.
  2. Voting Hulk Hogan.

    And as my nominee I'll simply snap into a Slim Jim and nominate the Macho Man.
  3. Voted Hogan, no one played a heel and face with so much impact. I'll nominate Piper.
  4. Voted for :hogan:

    Nominate Bret Hart
  5. H Double for me as well, brothers. I'll nominate Rock.

    Damn, the nomination process is rough this early on. so many guys could get the nod
  6. I voted for this Rick guy. I don't know who he is, but I bet he's related to Ric Flair.

    And I nominate Macho Man
  7. It's alright to nominate someone who already has been, right?

    Considering it involves longevity, impact on the business, charisma and star power, it absolutely has to be Hogan. I'm nominating Rock.
  8. Yes.

    let me clarify. The wrestler with the most nominations is going to be added to the next poll. So if everyone nominated only someone who was yet to be nominated, it would not accomplish what I needed it to.

    So if it ended now, Rock would be added to the next poll for #2 since he now has two nominations. Edit: I would probably add both Savage & Rock since they each have 2
  9. :damnn:
  10. I've voted Michaels and ill nominate the Rock
  11. Hogan's impact reached a greater level than anyone else's, so he's an obvious #1 for me. I'll nominate Randy Savage.
  12. Clicked Austin but meant to vote for Hogan, I'll edit the poll.

    I nominate Piper.
  13. I voted HBK over Hulk

    I just think he's in a league of his own. My favorite to watch in the ring, and was pretty entertaining on the stick.

    I nominate Triple H
  14. It's HBK IMO.
  15. You need to nominate someone not in the poll buddy.
  16. Nominate someone not in the poll brother.
  17. did
  18. Editing skills are top class brother :obama:
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  19. Ok, I'll nominate... I don't know, HHH
  20. I vote Hulk Hogan and Nominate Sting.
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