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  1. Booker T clearly stated before the contract signing that if anyone instigates contact on each other they would forfeit whatever right? That was not a clause in the contract. It was just something booker stated to keep them off each other for a few shows.

    Since it was not a contract clause... Why:
    1. Did show dump the table on him then quickly sign contract. It was not in the contract.
    2. Did Booker not follow through with his threat and strip big show. (There's a mental image for ya!)

    Way to go story hole!
  2. I didn't even notice this. Good find sir.
  3. Typical WWE and SmackDown especially.
  4. I have a mind for such things.....
  5. Technically a table accidentally falling on someone isnt contact. The table is the one that made the contact, since the table isn't the world heavyweight champion it'd be retarded to strip a table that has no title. DUHHHHH! :troll: #WWEWriterLogic
  6. Big Show knocked the table into Sheamus. Technically, this is an initiation of contact by any standard in the world, so Big Show should have been stripped of the WHC at that point.

    Later in the show (no pun intended), Sheamus threw a human being into Big Show. Technically, this, too, is an initiation of contact by any standard in the world, so Sheamus should have been immediately stripped of his title shot at TLC.

    But, hey, it's wrestling. Whatcha gonna do? :hogan:

    Brother. Dude. Jack.

  7. I just puked literally. :///

    Good fiiiiind! Typical #WWELogic
  8. WWE always does shit like this :haha: why hasn't Heyman/Lesnar owned WWE by now? Why don't they own the joint? :smug1:
  9. See "the rise and downfall of ecw" dvd, and then read about the grip of wrestlers who hate him. Heyman is great for WWE, but no higher up than he already is.
  10. Wasn't the idea that Show couldn't make contact once he actually signed the contract? That's why he pushed the table onto Sheamus, then hurried and signed the contract.
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  11. Exactly.
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