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  1. Let's replace AJ for rumours of having an affair with a superstar and replace her with Vickie Guerrero, who obviously has never had any relations with a WWE superstar in her whole career and certainly isn't still with any said superstar.
  2. Thanks for trying to re-get my ex-catchphrase over! Appreciate it, noob. :smug:

    Can't yell, bitch, or complain about this... the only thing you can say is "shit, I'm thinking again, need to stop doing that when discussing WWE".

    The whole thing was a clusterfuck from the beginning, when HHH "relieved Vince of his duties", going into the laughably absurd Raw Walkout that turned the whole roster heel, into the Johnny Ace regime that went pretty well aside from the punk angle, then Vince fires him despite being relieved of his duties, they throw AJ in for no reason whatsoever and it flops, now they go with Vickie. :russo: It only makes sense that they find a new GM storyline that makes no sense. Wasn't Vickie Dolph's "girlfriend" turned "business manager" or something? Was that ever explained to begin with?

    Hope we can get the computer back soon and leave it alone for a while... damn, they screwed that up too. Never mind.

    Unleash your inner Crayo and look at the positives, AJ's no longer GM and either Ziggler's getting away from Vickie or she's going to make damn sure he gets pushed (well, we said the same for Bryan too)

  3. Don't get me wrong I'm happy AJ is no longer in a controlling position and I don't mind a heel persona having power. She's not the GM which is further optimism but wtf is her role? She's a GM without being called a GM basically. I like Vickie, she's a heat magnet, but I'm going to get so fucking sick of her if she's in as many segments as AJ were.
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  4. Vickie Guerrero is a virgin :jeritroll:
  5. That's another thing.

    Why was Vickie called a "managing supervisor", when Vince McMahon himself later said that night that he had no idea what that was? Vince has final control over the script, so why couldn't he simply not say such a ridiculous thing?

  6. rumors* :vince:
  7. rumours*
  8. True..

    That's the most effed up part about the whole story. It isn't needed to have her around as GM. Hell, give it to Heyman..
    But that isn't right because of Punk..

    Man, we need a stable GM without connections.
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  9. This title makes me think she's just there to fill in for now and they have someone else in mind. Perphaps Flair?
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  10. Thought the same thing. Really don't see why Heyman couldn't have had it though.
  11. Maybe they're saving him for something else.
  12. Like following Punk to the ring, saying he's the BITW and then escorting him out? #wwelogic
  13. No, something that's actually useful later on. #TeamOptimism :okay:
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  14. Yeah. Same thing came to my mind the second they put Vickie in charge.
  15. Perfect smiley usage there. :obama:
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