News WWEN Hits 1 Million Subscribers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Amidst the #CancelWWENetwork craze the Network has hit the milestone of having 1 million members of the WWE Universe sign up for the service. The milestone was hit a little over 11 months after the service launched on February 24th, of 2014.

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  2. That number is terribly inflated. It includes the free sub month of November and the UK free trials, and does not include any post rumble un-subscribers.
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  3. Only took them 11 months. lol
    Could have gotten more if they had a legit version in Canada, like an extra good 100,000 - 500,000.
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  4. While that's partially true, they haven't confirmed if it includes the last two days of the fallout from Rumble or doesn't.. and it doesn't matter what it includes the number still appeases the shareholders more than what they had been doing since October.
  5. The 11 months is actually a record for a digital subscription service.
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  6. I think the announcement was very conveniently made immediately after the whole cancel the network deal. I mean technically they shouldn't outright lie since this is information that can influence stock prices. Technically it wouldn't be security fraud, but it might piss some investors off.

    I think a combination of Candy Colored Clown's point and Sharpy Sandow's point explains it well. It was definitely smart of Vince to announce it when he did.

    Gotta say I like CM Punk's statement the best. A legit version in Canada would raise their permanent suscriber base and I think Canadian wrestling fans deserve one.
  7. Oh but it's available in Canada, "and if you're not a Rogers subscriber, call your local cable provider ...." :mad2:
  8. On a number of times I have looked into the hack to access the US feed.
  9. 1,000,000 subs seems low still with the amount with access.

    Didn't a mania seat 100,000? So, 1/10th of the subs you can put in one HUGE.

    Let's say the number is legit

    it'd be about 10,000,000 each month generated

    120,000,000 a year generated from the network
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