Wwe's baby faces of all times

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Starting from Cena to Rock to Undertaker to HHH-------All have one thing in common -------------They're all Vince's puppets and are just baby faces or show puppets------Do you agree?? If yes then who according to you is the biggest show puppet of them all??

    If no say Why ??


    The f**king biggest of them is HHH
  2. To reach top face standard you need to kiss up, it's just a fact. Hogan - Austin - Rock and Cena are all the same type of guys, Vince has certain things which is all he'll allow to be made a star.

    The biggest is Cena, the others stepped out when things didn't go for them but John takes it. He's the best employee but the worst guy to stand up to someone by all accounts.
  3. those people have quite a bit of control in the company and love what they do. I wouldn't say they're puppets.
  4. I was asking if they're not puppets what are they
  5. What is the question exactly, who are Vince's biggest whores inside WWE?
  6. Anyone who's got success.
  8. What a weird question.
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