WWE's "Best for Business" Angle Contradicts "Be a Star Campaign"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nice Person, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. So, let me get this straight: WWE's personnel go from place to place, telling kids that "...Don't be a bully, stand up to bullying.." etc., yet on national TV they put a guy in handcuffs and beat the crap out of him?!?! Great message to the young kids, WWE.
  2. Ummm, does that mean you agree or dissagree with what I wrote?
  3. disagree.
  4. WWE programming is entertainment. The Be A Star anti bullying program is, well, an anti bullying program.

    Would you rather WWE didn't do the Be a star program? What does that accomplish?

    If WWE only ran angles that fit in with be a star nobody would watch. Bullying is a natural thing in pro wrestling, that doesn't mean WWE doing anti-bullying things is bad.
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  5. You remember when sitcoms used to do a special on a hot topic subject (like drugs, rape, bullying, etc.) and at the end of the show the stars would talk to the viewers out of character? Think of that in reverse. The stop bullying point is what they endorse "out of character" while the part they play on the actual show my be different. I believe thats called kayfabe.
  6. The point is the hero prevails, DB gonna win and that's that. WCW on the other hand had heels kickin asses so if they did this then it would be a failure. I think people forget that the storyline tells a STORY. This best for business is the best way to show that. A boss who hand picked his guys and his forcing the good guy down.
  7. I think the WWE is pretty much open about everything being scripted now. If you still think it's real, that's on you.
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  8. WWE should be open as it as a lot of kids as fans

    let orton win, that is what would happen in real life. bryan winning is too hey arnold for my liking
  9. WWE trying to encourage children to be positive role models and stand up to bullying in school (or in life in general), and guys bullying/harassing/insulting/trying to intimidate each other/etc. in a COMPETITIVE SPORT (that's what the WWE is supposed to be in kayfabe terms) that's intended just for that very thing are two entirely different notions. Even if you look at it from just The Authority's point of view, at worst it just makes the characters of Triple H and Stephanie look like hypocrites for preaching against one thing and then doing it themselves, but that's fine since they're heels and thus aren't supposed to be likeable or admirable people anyway.
  10. Dude, WWE is just storytelling. It's not real life as my man HHH has already stated. You want to watch a show where everyone is friends or that the underdog fights the bully?
  11. Me reading threads like this:
    Show Spoiler
  12. I couldn't care less about how children feel about WWE. It's not tailored around them (even though at times it seems like it)
  13. "best for business" is as overused as "history is written by the victor" by WWE apologists

    the muppet episode killed that dream im afriad
    the original star wars film had dismemberment yet is considered family entertainment
    and pro wrestling certainly isn't for children
    chances are its just a disclaimer for the ambulance chasers
  14. So Scooby Doo at Wrestlemania is aimed for adults? Are Daphne and Velma gonna have a bra and panties match?
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  15. Good point! I would like to see that match BTW
  16. Hence why I said at times it feels like it. I miss the violent days of wrestling.
  17. Match ends with Scooby getting a triple threat Edge like celebration
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