WWE's Boys of Summer

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  1. WWE's Boys of Summer


    For many WWE Superstars, summer doesn't just deliver a scorching heat wave; it brings about a momentous wave of change. With a single championship triumph, major upset or spontaneous decision, regular summers can be transformed instantly into unforgettable ones. In turn, the WWE Universe is left with lasting memories that make our faces light up every time we reminisce about them.

    Since the first annual SummerSlam took place in 1988, everyone has anxiously awaited The Biggest Party of the Summer each year. It's an event that has catapulted performers like Brock Lesnar to the WWE elite and captured the hearts of millions watching worldwide with one-of-a-kind victories like British Bulldog's triumph over Bret Hart at Wembley Stadium.

    However, that one show does not tell the whole story of a Superstar's summer. The actions and matches that both precede and follow the marquee pay-per-view are sometimes just as important, if not more, when it comes to changing how a WWE competitor is remembered for years to come.

    With that in mind, we present 20 WWE summers that burned ever so brightly through the thick humidity and stifling temperatures. Each of these Superstars truly deserves to be one of WWE's "Boys of Summer" because of their game-changing seasons over the last two-plus decades.

    Now's a good time to loosen up that collar and pump up the A.C. …

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