WWE's completely illogical booking as of late

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. I know this is exactly news to most of you - but WWE's booking as of late has been absolutely horrendous. This week's Raw was a prime example of this.

    In a smark crowd, they decide they're going to have Brodus Clay go out and squash someone. Fine, he got a cheer when he came out and was very over with the crowd. Why, exactly, did that someone have to be Ziggler? He's pretty popular within smark crowds so that's not going to help Brodus get over with them whatsoever.

    Ziggler as well, who's one of the most talented superstars in the WWE roster, is being treated like this? Seriously they gave him a great US title reign for months, then treat him like this?

    Big Show and Khali burying the tag team division even more, yeah cause that's beneficial in so many ways.

    Lord Tensai going over Cena. Wow, just wow. Cena has barely put over anybody in years and they choose him!? I know it wasn't clean but still utterly ridiculous. What benefit is it giving a fat old guy a push over someone like Ziggler?

    So in one show, they made that many big booking errors. But this has been going on for months.

    Bryan/Sheamus debacle, they've gotten away with that one I think.
    Brock/Cena being used on ER!?
    Khali burying everyone.
    Burial of Ziggler
    Miz storyline before 'Mania with shit pay-off.

    Is just a few that come to mind. I get that WWE's booking is usually bad, but does anyone else think it's been completely awful last few months?
  2. Yes it has.

    1. Ziggler for champ
    2. Y2J for champ
    3. Reinvent the tag team division with 1 title on each brand
    4. Reinvent the Diva's divison with 1 title on each brand
    5. Miz being pushed
  3. Agree with all those except the Diva's division, one show with them on is enough I think :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Tag titles need to be on both brands. Even if they are determined to only have one they should be on SD! as they would be given more attention.
  4. I agree. I was surprised to see Tensai win, and even though I like seeing guys with different gimmicks in the spotlight, pushing him straight away like this with a win over Cena is not really right. So he's got 3 wins... Riley, Tatsu and Cena? Doesn't seem correct.

    I agree with the Ziggler thing. The guy is extremely talented and can probably sell ice to an eskimo, but he simply jobbed to Clay... not right. Not right.

    Khali and Show? I watched the show on youtube today while discussing with a guy that had already seen it. Khali came out, I was like, damn... My friend said it got worse. Big Show came out. I thought it couldn't get worse, then who comes out to wrestle them? The TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Who simply job to the guys with a crap ending. Geez. WWE, if you're not going to do shit with the tag division, scrap it for good and use the time with the midcard.
  5. One thing to say, #wwelogic.
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  6. Regarding the tag team championships, it's a part off a storyline. Jerry and Cole mentioned Rosa's and Epico/Primo's outrage on twitter regarding air-time, etc. I know making them job ain't the best idea, however I feel they're going to keep getting beat. Then at one point all the tag teams will come out to the ring and make a huge statement and they're going to say give us what the tag team division deserves and Johnny comes out and would say something like you'll get air-time from now on, you'll be in matches every week and you'll have to defend the championships every paperview or something along them lines. But I think Epico and Primo would lead this as a young generation champions making an outrage to get the tag-team on TV.
  7. I don't think WWE is going to do that. It's an excellent idea IMO and I'd like to see it, however, we all know how things work. I believe they don't give a shit about the tag division and it just exists to this day for the hell of it. I could be wrong.
  8. Last night proved the Tag-team division means nothing. Your champions were squashed by Big Slow and Khali.
  9. Well, it's not like a tag team division can get anybody over.

    I mean, name one recent WWE Champion who's also been part of a tag team....just one! Oh, wait, Punk got his start in a tag team with Ace Steel and Colt Cabana. Okay, one! Oh, Jericho's been a tag team champ several times with several partners? And so has Big Show (hey, he was champ for like 45 seconds or so); in fact, he was tag team champs with Jericho, huh? But who else? Christian? Who was he in a tag team with? Jericho again...but who else? Oh, Edge, the headliner for the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Okay, but all of that's just because we at WWE are so good at getting guys built up despite their capability. What about the other, smaller promotion? They don't have any recent champs who were, I don't know, tag team champs or anything. What? The current TNA Champ just took on his former tag team partner for the title? Yeah, but, ......oh, Jeff Hardy, I forgot about him.

    But none of the greats were in a tag team! What do you mean, Shawn Michaels? Oh, the Rockers....and later DX. Who were the Freebirds? And the Legion of Doom (or Road Warriors, whichever you prefer; remember, this is WWE, who has the only history in pro wrestling, so go with it)? Never heard of them.

    I'm Vince McMahon and I say tag teams suck. It's not like Stone Cold Steve Austin was ever in a tag team! Huh, what do you mean the Hollywood Blondes? Or the Rock! The Rock wasn't in a tag team........with who? Mick Foley!?!

    I figure the conversation would just get worse from there, but that's how I figure Vince's brain works on the tag team division.

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  10. That's really spreading. Wow.

    GET EM! Wacokid needs more rep and more posts. Most HQ Person Here. Seriously.

    Agreed on Ziggler, he's fallen way down the "ladder" for seemingly no reason. Tag-team and Divas divisions are fine as they are, only because the current creative team can't do it right anyway. Cruiserweight division is a must (but that's what NXT's for, says WWE).

    Worst thing they've done is the post-show dark match at the Smackdown tapings: Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the WHC in even less than 18 seconds before the hot smart-mark crowd in London. This taught us two things:

    1. Every crowd since 'Mania has been begging for Daniel Bryan, yet WWE keeps doing this. WWE does not care about the fans or what they think.

    2. They still book D-Bry as a bad guy, and Sheamus as an unstoppable monster. WWE does not learn from their mistakes.
  11. Wacko just tore this thread apart. Epic - completely agreed. Austin said and I quote "I finally felt free and alive when I was in a tag-team, it helped me become what lead to my success" or something like that.
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