WWE's cryptic tweet

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Jul 24, 2014.

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    The rumors are this so far..

    1. The introduction of the new logo
    2. A new Bray Wyatt gimmick thus the planet being bitten and the hair at the top, "The Eater of Worlds"
    3. A new era
    4. WWE Network international availability

    So, what do you guys get from this?

  2. Pfft, until they book Sandow to take over that midcard scene aint nothing new expected.
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  3. 1 or 4.
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  4. CM Punk return confirmed.:jeritroll:
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  5. If you look in the top right...there seems to be a "C"

    Bah gawd! Shadow's right!
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  6. A person with long hair wearing a chain with a medallion on... no idea what this could be, hopefully it'll be the Network being available internationally after SummerSlam
  7. The second cryptic tweet in as many days..

    Thoughts on this one?

  8. Looks like Kane with LOD shoulder pads
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  9. I'll go out on a goose chase here and say Ascension getting called up.
  10. Um... maybe they're calling up that Crowe fellow
  11. It looks abit like Sting with the hair during his crow phase, the silhouette does look pretty Crowish also. Probably tied into WWE 15
  12. Only one guy pictured though. I had the same thought TBH, but the one guy only threw me off that guess.

    It looks like Kane will be updating his look to be more like Undertaker's IMO. But that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me since I heard he was supposed to be retiring soon or something.

    Maybe it is Soloman Crow?
  13. Do you think they're pushing him up straight to main roster? I know he's been doing dark matches for NXT, but I haven't seen him on screen yet.

    It's got me puzzled. Maybe it is something to do with 2K15.
  14. I dunno TBH. That was a shot in the dark based on other guesses. To me it totally looks like Kane with some new gear
  15. I'm also thinking it has something to do with Solomon Crowe... although didn't they change his gimmick to being some type of surf boarder? :facepalm1:

    It's certainly not gonna be Kane with an updated look. He's had roughly the same look for 17 years and being that he's in the twilight of his career, it'd be ludicrous to update it now (let alone tease it on social media like it's a big deal.)
  16. Right, thats what I figured, but it looks SO much like him in that image.
  17. You actually bought that?
    That was a troll though a fake twitter account. People on this very site were part of coming up with it.
  18. Just saw something online that this had to do with some new Mattel WWE action figures. No idea if thats true though
  19. No, that's why I was asking. I remember one thread being made about it on here a long while ago and then I don't recall ever hearing about it again.

  20. Surf's up
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