WWE's Highest Paid Wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Forbes released a list of the top 10, highest paid wrestlers in the WWE.

    10. Dean Ambrose - $1.1 Million
    9. Kane - $1.3 Million
    8. Big Show - $1.5 Million
    7. The Undertaker - $2 Million
    6. Roman Reigns - $2.1 Million
    5. Seth Rollins - $2.4 Million
    4. Randy Orton - $2.7 Million
    3. Triple H - 2.8 Million
    2. Brock Lesnar - $6 Million
    1. John Cena - $9.5 Million

    :kiss:Seth Rollins making more than The Undertaker and Dean Jobrose making a million, shocked me.
  2. Taker hardly wrestles. Rollins was full time until he got injured.
  3. Undertaker wrestled Mania, Summer Slam, HIAC, Survivor Series and numerous live events - including a tour in Mexico. He wrestles more than Lesnar, but his matches aren't always televised.
  4. And Rollins wrestled Royal Rumble, Fastlane, Mania, Extreme rules, Payback, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, Battleground, Summerslam, Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell, and a majority of Raw/Smackdown/Live Shows while being WWE Champion and face of the company. I would say he deserves more money.
  5. What about the guys who worked the entire year, lol. WWE doesn't base pay off of talent or workrate. They base pay checks on name value. Guys like Ziggler and The New Day probably wrestled every RAW and SmackDown last year, and they are no where near this list.
  6. Nothing about that list is surprising.
  7. They arent top guys tho. They weren't WWE Champion. In my opinion if you are WWE Champion then you are the face of the company and should be paid a lot more.
  8. WWE pays on name value. I'm just surprised that WWE is paying Rollins (a relative rookie) more than The Undertaker (a legend who's been there for 25 years and is one of the top draws and merch sellers)
  9. Idk how accurate this is. But it might just be a base salary. Taker still probably gets a percentage of merchandise sales that aren't accounted for on here.
  10. WWE does not only pay off of name value. They base pay mainly on what value they feel that you have for the company (in which name value is a factor). Alongside other factors like level of push.

    Main eventers always make more. All WWE wrestlers have a base pay and then another pay which is by appearance, and that one is based off of position on the card. Show openers (who have to get the crowd going), champions and main eventers earn more per appearance than those who are not in those position. Then there are main event, mid card and low card levels of base pay as well.
  11. Surprised Del Rio or Jericho isn't on the list.
  12. ADR probably took a paycut due to how he exited last time. He's probably still one of the better payed talents on roster, but guys like Ambrose and Rollins probably jumped him in pay during his exodus
  13. Very nice to see Rollins and Ambrose on the list. :emoji_slight_smile:
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