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    Massive changes have undergone in the WWE, one of which means that Main Event is now the main show, while Smackdown is the secondary show. With these massive changes, WWE have been able to recruit new superstars that could revolutionize the world of wrestling. Welcome, to WWE's Main Event. Our journey starts in April 2013, as Wrestlemania season is over!​
    Roster: Alphabetical order.
    Alberto Del Rio​
    Antonio Cesaro​
    Big E Langston​
    Big Show​
    Bo Dallas​
    Booker T​
    Brad Maddox​
    Bray Wyatt (will debut later)​
    Brock Lesnar​
    Chris Jericho​
    CM Punk​
    Cody Rhodes​
    Curtis Axel (will debut later)​
    Damien Sandow​
    Daniel Bryan​
    Darren Young​
    David Otunga​
    Dean Ambrose​
    Dolph Ziggler​
    Drew McIntyre​
    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson​
    El Generico (will debut later)​
    The Great Khali​
    Heath Slater​
    Jack Swagger​
    Jimmy & Jey Uso​
    Jinder Mahal​
    John Cena​
    Mark Henry​
    Matt Morgan​
    The Miz​
    Randy Orton​
    Rob Van Dam (will debut later)​
    Roman Reigns​
    Santino Marella​
    Seth Rollins​
    Sin Cara​
    Titus O'Neil​
    Triple H​
    Tyson Kidd​
    The Undertaker​
    Wade Barrett​
    Zack Ryder​
    WWE Championship - John Cena​
    World Heavyweight Championship - Jack Swagger (beat Del Rio)​
    Intercontinental Championship - Wade Barrett​
    US Championship - Antonio Cesaro​
    Tag Team Championships - Team Hell No​
    Royal Rumble​
    Elimination Chamber​
    Extreme Rules​
    Money in the Bank​
    Night of Champions​
    Over the Limit​
    Hell in a Cell​
    Survivor Series​
    Tables, Ladders and Chairs​

  2. April review:

    Main Event:
    After Wrestlemania 29, the first ever Main Event show was hectic. A fired up crowd led Cena to challenge the locker room. If The Rock was too injured to get his rematch clause, Cena would fight any one person that would come out. And who came out? Mark Henry. The two battled, and Cena got a double count-out to retain his title, having battled Henry out in ringside to ensure he would not lose the title he had won against "the great one". After The Undertaker came out to congratulate CM Punk on giving him the battle of a lifetime, the Second City Saint came out but left when he almost broke out in tears, after hugging Heyman, who was left bewildered. Jack Swagger came out to celebrate his title win over Alberto Del Rio but Dolph Ziggler, who held the MITB briefcase high, came out to a standing ovation and cashed in to win the World Heavyweight Champion. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came out to challenge Team Hell No, while Dean Ambrose would look towards Antonio Cesaro's US championship, but he wouldn't challenge him... yet. For the next few weeks, we saw Cena and Henry feud, while Punk was nowhere to be seen. Team Hell No would attack The Shield while Cesaro would announce a title match with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder at Extreme Rules. Ambrose would eventually get on the bad side of the hardcore legend Mick Foley, who announced that he would pick a superstar for Ambrose to fight at Extreme Rules.

    After the ground-breaking Main Event that followed Wrestlemania 29, Dolph Ziggler celebrated his new World Heavyweight Champion while Jack Swagger came out to ruin the party. The two would battle as Swagger eventually tried his hand at hand games while Alberto Del Rio would watch from the side-lines. Wade Barrett, having retained his Intercontinental championship against The Miz, fought against Chris Jericho while The Miz would fight Fandango. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes would defeat the Prime Time Players to ensure that they would remain contenders for the tag team titles after Extreme Rules. The Shield would fight Team Hell No and the Undertaker in the England tour and win, taking out the Undertaker for the near future. As Del Rio slowly made his way back into the WHC title picture, GM Booker T made sure there would be a triple threat match featuring Ziggler, Swagger and Del Rio at Extreme Rules.

    Extreme Rules preview:

    1) Dean Ambrose vs Booker T w/ Mick Foley - Singles match - Ambrose will fight the 5-time World Champion and Smackdown GM, Booker T, in a Singles match after he insulted the hardcore legend, Mick Foley. Should Ambrose win, he will become #1 contender to the US championship.

    2) Team Rhodes-Scholars vs The Prime Time Players - Tag Team match - The Prime Time Players would not give up in their quest to become tag team title contenders and so will fight the Rhodes-Scholars, with the winner becoming #1 contenders to the tag team titles along with Team Hell No, should they lose their own titles.

    3) Team Hell No (c) vs The Shield - Tornado Tag Team championship match - Bryan and Kane may be dysfunctional but they're a team, and will have to be better than ever to fight Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the Tornado Tag Team match to retain their titles.

    4) Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Santino Marella vs Zack Ryder - Triple Threat match for the US championship - Cesaro believes that he is as Real American as former WHC Jack Swagger, but will he prove it when he fights two former US champions at Extreme Rules?

    5) Wade Barrett (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Fandango - Ballroom Brawl match - With Barrett, Jericho and Fandango going at it in a Ballroom Brawl match, the Intercontinental championship scene will never be the same again. Barrett will look to win, and then make the step up to the main event while Jericho will want to secure his return with another title belt and Fandango will be looking for his first ever title belt.

    6) Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio - Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship - After Ziggler cashed in on Jack Swagger, the Real American had got himself a title shot while Del Rio had earned a title shot after losing the title to Swagger at Wrestlemania. Who will climb the ladder and finally become the dominant man?

    7) John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry - Extreme Rules match for the WWE championship - After Cena layed out the challenge to the locker room, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry came out and for weeks, the two have fought. Henry then faked his own retirement to lure Cena out and would viciously attack him, hoping to vacate the title. However, Cena would return, claiming that even Brock Lesnar couldn't put him down with the same weapons. Now, Henry will have to use everything he has to defeat the man they call "Super Cena."
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