WWE's Most Heated Sibling Rivalries

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  1. WWE's Most Heated Sibling Rivalries

    Wouldn't it be nice to challenge your sibling to a No Disqualification Match on Monday Night Raw? In some cases throughout WWE history, that is exactly what happened. Whether a rift is caused by jealousy, a dark family secret or different allegiances, there have been numerous times when brotherly Superstars step inside the ring for the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner bragging rights.

    Check out WWE Classics list of seven of the most intense and heart-wrenching sibling rivalries and let us know your favorite on Facebook.com/WWEClassics. While you're at it, tells us the stipulations best suited for a match against your siblings. (PHOTOS | WATCH VIDEO PLAYLIST)

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  2. Most heated has to be the Undertaker vs. Kane, and then the Hardy's of course.
  3. Undertaker/Kane, Jeff/Matt, Cody/Goldust.
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