WWE's Streaming Royalties Lawsuit

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. WWE's latest legal headache—a lawsuit over unpaid royalties—is one that promises to be more nuisance than disaster.

    The sports entertainment giant once again finds itself poised to fend off a foe in court. Rene Goguen, who wrestled as Rene Dupree, as Eriq Gardner detailed in the Hollywood Reporter, has filed a class-action lawsuit against WWE over not receiving royalties from programming shown on the WWE Network.

    The Netflix-like streaming service features a wealth of on-demand archives. Goguen's entire WWE career is available to watch, from him and Sylvain Grenier forming La Resistance to his run on the ECW brand in 2006.

    If this case progresses, the stakes will clearly be high. Should Goguen entice other plaintiffs to join him and WWE have to shell out cash for the streamed footage in question, the financial impact will be huge.

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  2. LOL, read about this yesterday.
  3. They are just going to keep getting lawsuits as they release more older content on the network lol
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  5. We cuz everyone buys the WWE Network to check out old matches from Rene Dupree :smirk2:
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  6. Fuck this nigga.
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  7. Rene Dupree really? lol
  8. Gotta make that $$$ somehow when you can't last in the ring.
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  9. He actually did some really good stuff in Hustle and Wrestle-1. He actually retired, but I guess he wants to never make a WWE return; not that it was likely.
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  10. Fuck you. And Dupree
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  11. Other companies have fallen foul of lawsuits like this and lost. IN one case old Magazines were put on PDFs and sold on a CD and they got pinged.

    The wrestlers back in the day may have signed away their television rights in a contract but the argument would likely be streaming online does not count as television.

    And since each wrestler is an individual contractor.....
  12. lol the law firm representing WWE are the real winners. So many billable hours! cha ching!
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