WWE's top 25 ranking system is silly

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Most of the time I have no problem with WWE's power 25 ranking system. I think it builds up the kayfabe aspect of it being a sport and most of the time they actually rate the superstars logically. Then they do things like they've done this week and rank some superstars like they had drunk gasoline before writing.

    Let's look at some examples from this week:

    Beth Phoenix hasn't been seen on weekly TV for a long time. Yet she remains on a steady number 18 in the ranking. Yet the Miz gets no airtime last week and drops three spots from number 10 to number 13.

    Also. CM Punk actually wins a no disqualifications match on RAW yet drops in ranking from number 5 to number 6. Whilst Jericho who doesn't even appear in person on RAW remains ranked number 3.

    The thing is the site most often also is a thing completely distanced from the stupidities of creative and other management. The website most of the time writes competent and okay stuff. So it is sad to see them fuck up.
  2. Agreed, even though it's kayfabe it's completely moronic. I don't see how Punk beating the "worlds strongest man" cleanly in a no DQ match is worse than Big Slow teaming with The Great Fail and squashing jobbers.
  3. It's for kids bros.
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