WWE's "Wellness Policy"

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  1. Instead of presenting a list of banned substances like the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, and Olympic committee do in their policies, WWE takes a different approach. The company actually created a condition that makes it okay for talent to take anything from anabolic steroids to painkillers, so long as they receive valid prescriptions from licensed doctors and/or physicians (or procure a TUE, a.k.a. a Therapeutic Use Exemption). The policy states that, “The non-medical use of anabolic androgenic steroids…is prohibited.”

    What can we learn from the WWE Wellness Policy? Basically, the company has established a set of guidelines that they’re able to circumvent, even with the use of independent testers. For part-timers, it’s pretty easy to get away with putting PEDs in their bodies. Not only does this jeopardize the health of the WWE’s talent, but it undermines efforts (whether genuine or not) to create an effective, morally upstanding, and legitimate policy.

    So then if WWE superstars can get their hands on these substances, and are provided the legal foundation to do so, why have a policy in the first place? If the product is entertainment first and foremost, as Vince McMahon claims, then why should the company follow the sports model of drug testing as opposed to the Hollywood model (no testing)? Well, here’s what the Chairman had to say about that in an interview with ESPN in 2009:

    “I think some of it’s political, and again, being held to a different standard … There’s a history of steroids in our business. I think we’re easy to point out because we’re not wearing pads, we’re not hiding behind anything, and we’re highly, highly visible.”

    Read the full article HERE

    So this basically goes through the whole Brock being positive for drugs in the UFC and why the "policy" makes no sense. From my understanding, this is just Vince's way of allowing his wrestlers to use/do what they want without him being in trouble for their actions if something should happen. I think though, realistically, only Vince's favorites are fully protected... *cough*brock*cough* Share your thoughts on their wellness policy and if you think it is unfairly used.
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  3. "Wellness Policy, you say?" - :brock4:
  4. Seems clear they do not want rampant steroid abuse due to negative publicity. Its better to have some sort of self regulation than have the government/state authorities step in. And there are legit medical reasons to be using steroids and since its not a competitive sport it doesn't really matter in that regard as its not cheating.

    You also have to provide your medical documentation ASAP. Here if I get tested you tell them if you are on medication before they test you so if you have for example codeine in your system they can ignore it.
  5. WWE does have a list of banned substances.
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  6. Wasn't that part of the story with Lesnar? that the thing he failed for was found on the corporate website as well?

    CBA to check.
  7. As for Vince protecting main eventers from this policy. That is complete BS. Orton is one of the most suspended guys the company has. Roman recently went on a 30 day suspension for failing this. As did Alberto Del Rio, who despite what fractions of the fanbase thought of him, was a main eventer. Cena is tested multiple times a year at random and has a wall in his gym where he pastes every single test result. All clean.

    The way Brock did not end up being punished is because he (like HHH and Vince) are only on part time contracts, and thus are exempt from the policy
  8. Where the fuck did you get this info?
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    "Read the full article HERE" lool
  10. Think you should check the bottom of the OP, bud.
  11. It was sarcasm as in "this is all bs info"
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  12. The Welless Policy ruined wrestling. I wanna see my wrestlers on high doses of steroids, opiates, and coke
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  13. I wanna see everyone die of heart attacks and overdoses
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  14. I second this.

    Shut up.
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  15. Was wondering if they are allowed to take pain killers and whatnot. Would be pretty messed up if you have your talent taking bumps 330 days out of the year, and not allowing them to dull the pain.
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