WWE's Worst Match of the Week: Big Show vs. Kane

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. The match lasted exactly for 52 seconds. I mean come on, it's Big Show vs. Kane. Those two are huge giants and their match didn't even last for a minute? Even divas matches lasts for at least a minute. WWE has gone shit.

  2. I'm glad tbh, Kane is decent but nothing to write home about in ring and Show is well Show.
  3. I'd rather watch a pigeon struggle to poop than a Big Show match.
  4. Tbh most matches on the past RAW lasted bout this length of time!

    But good way to bury Kane with his new/old gimmick I now couldn't give one crap!
  5. Rhodes saved him from getting buried. :laugh:
  6. Nah he's been buried. They could've had something good with his return and yet nothing.
    Could've had Taker/Kane at WM if done correctly imo which well I would have preferred to Taker/HHH again.
  7. A match on Raw that lasts over 1 minute is more noteworthy than one that doesn't these days
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  9. Lmao ^^

    To be honest Kane has died now. Any match with Big Show = death.
  10. So true I respect Show for everything he's done and for how close he is with fans and things like that. Giving his WMD beanie to a marine in Jan what a guy.

    But he's nothing to give now he's gone!

    Sorry Show!
  11. I just dislike the no-selling, and the burying.
  12. Yeah it was bad, but to be fair any 1 min match is bad. The chokeslam from the top rope was pretty cool though
  13. Damn it was bad, chokeslam from the top rope was pretty cool indeed. Big Show getting agile..
    Burying Show completely with Rhodes punching him with frigging boxing gloves..
  14. That's not burying mate. Who choke-slammed who btw? Was it Big Slow who choke-slammed Kane effectively ruining Kane's character already?
  15. Burying to me..:sad:
    Kane slammed Show off the top rope. :emoji_wink:
  16. Oh thank god for that.
  17. If that aint sarcasm well I aint Cloud!

    And LOLS they've buried Kane who gives one sh*t bout his match Orton will win no way he won't! Kane is buried!
  18. Dolph's is telling it like it is. Love it, he's taking a massive shovel and knocking/burying the living fuck out of the current product.

    It was okay. Dirty finish prevented a burial, and the second-rope chokeslam made Kane look like a beast, plus it advanced the Rhodes/Show feud. It accomplished quite a lot for just a minute.

    That being said, the match sucked on ice.
  19. The whole match can't compare with your sig.
  20. Is it wrong I love Santino rite now?
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