WWEshop.com gets a facelift

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. WWE has redesigned their webshop WWE.shop.com so that it is more inline with their new design for the main website.

    The top of the new site is large rolling ads for what is on sale at the moment. Below that is a list of what I believe is the 14 best merch sellers in WWE at the time (no idea if they are in order or not.) Then as you scroll down you get deals and such.

    Pretty slick design since it all seems to flow together quite well.
  2. I LOVE IT


  3. I'm still not going to buy anything from it :haha:
  4. :haha: I know, right? Even their clearance can be pricy.
  5. No Tyson clothes?

  6. Not even trying to hate on Kidd, but he doesn't he have a shirt? Personally, I think they all should get at least a t-shirt in the store!
  7. Layout looks pretty sweet, just looking at Triple H merchandise might make some purchases through the week!

  9. I never even go on wweshop.com lol.
  10. Where do you get WWE merch?
  11. I know, not directed to me but Amazon? Ebay? Even some stores sell it, at least here in the states.
  12. I don't. Until Ambrose debuts and gets an awesome t-shirt I won't buy a single tee.
  13. Ringside collectibles sells some merch.
  14. I'd never wear a wrestling shirt in public. Though I'd wear Ziggler's if it wasn't WWE related, it's awesome.
  15. Why not?
  16. Ah okay, I'll check some of the sites out, thanks for your input guys. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I never bought anything from WWEshop.com, but I did buy a Punk T-Shirt on the house show that took place here. I wear it in public and I'd wear most wrestling shirts in public, because in the first place most people wouldn't know it's wrestling related and second, I don't see any harm in wearing them.
  18. No harm in showing who or what you support, it's exactly like wearing a football shirt.
  19. I'm not having a dig at those who do by the way, I marked the F out when I see a Mr. Kennedy shirt the other day. It's just that I would get slagged to death and around my mates it would be the definition of social suicide.
  20. Yeah, but I think most people wouldn't wear them because of how wrestling is known. Everyone wears soccer shirts because it's popular everywhere (:annoyed:), the same for other sports, but wrestling isn't very well received by many people (fake, gay, whatever) so they wouldn't wear it (according to the standards of society and all that crap), but since down here these oblivious ignoramuses wouldn't even know it's a wrestling shirt there's no difference.
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