WWF- Post Attitude Era 2002





he Invasion angle failed miserably, it's hard to argue any new stars were made except Rob Van Dam and a whole load of top stars saw their popularity slowly decrease as the angle went on including Steve Austin, DDP and Booker T. Following the flop of the "Invasion" angle, WWF was officially leaving the "Attitude Era" and heading in a new direction. Chris Jericho became the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion when he defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night at Vengence 2001 to win both WWF and World Heavyweight titles. However, many fans and names backstage are already calling Jericho's reign forgettable. Triple H is still recovering from his quadricep injury caused during a tag match against Jericho and Chris Benoit, who is also out injured. Shawn Michaels is still in rehab trying to fix his back injury but has hinted a return to the WWF in an interview. Ric Flair was brought in as the consortium which bought out WCW from Shane & Stephanie and is now engaged in an on screen feud with Mr McMahon. Many WCW wrestlers have been removed from television following the end of the alliance as they were 'kayfabe' fired. DDP is one of the few to still be on television although his new motivational gimmick is again being criticized by many. With the same stars on top as this time last year the WWF need a shake up in the near future whether it be some of the excellent developmental talent rumored to be getting a call up like Brock Lesnar or free agents rumored to be singing with the company like the nWo and Curt Hennig.
The Undertaker turned heel following the end of the war between the WWF and Alliance by attacking Jim Ross, again another questionable move by the WWF as it seemingly came out of nowhere. Rumors of a potential 'brand split' could be taking place following Wrestlemania. With The Rock attracting more and more attention from Hollywood many wonder if he'll be hanging around the wrestling business much longer.​
The plan is to book everything EXACTLY how it happened leading up to Wrestlemania 18, then take over with my own ideas. I think this way we get the cool build-up to Mania then the BTB "becomes my own" and we see where we take it. I know I'm copying what actually happened but it's what I want to do and it's only for two months in game anyway. I will be making signings to the roster and developmental as I go along and I'll keep you updated in WWF.com articles "Kayfabe news" and or Dirtsheets.​


WWF Undisputed Champion- Chris Jericho

WWF Intercontinental Champion- Edge

WWF European Champion- Christian

WWF Hardcore Champion- The Undertaker

WWF Cruiserweight Champion- Tajiri

WWF Women's Champion- Trish Stratus

WWF Tag Team Champions- The Dudley Boyz

Al Snow
Big Boss Man
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chavo Guererro Jr.
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Crash Holly
Diamond Dallas Page
D-Von Dudley
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Justin Credible
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Matt Hardy
Mike Awesome
Molly Holly
Perry Saturn
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shane McMahon
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stacy Keibler
Stephanie McMahon
Steve Austin
Stevie Richards
Terri Runnells
The Godfather
The Hurricane
The Rock
The Undertaker
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Status
Val Venis
Vince McMahon
William Regal

TV SHOWS-Monday- WWF Monday Night RAW
Thursday- WWF Smackdown!

PPV Schedule-January- Royal Rumble
February- No Way Out
March- Wrestlemania 18
April- Backlash
May- Judgement Day
June- Badd Blood
July- Vengence
August- Summerslam
September- Unforgiven
October- No Mercy
November- Survivor Series
December- Armageddon

First show will be up tomorrow, footage will also be uploaded to YouTube. Hope you guys stay tuned for this BTB.



WWF RAW- 7th January 2002
Madison Square Garden, New York.

We kick off the first show of the new year with a huge announcement, after nine months on the sidelines, Triple H is returning to RAW tonight.

A graphic comes up announcing that we will see The Rock and Steve Austin take on Booker T and The Big Boss Man.

Vince McMahon's music hits, and he struts to the ring in his usual fashion, but this time he is holding a present of some sort. McMahon places the present in the corner and grabs a microphone.
Vince: " Right. Tonight I have something to talk to you about that is more important than Triple H's return. Tonight I want to talk about the Ric Flair Vince McMahon match up at the Royal Rumble. Now I know the vast majority of you feel as though Ric Flair should not be in the ring with a man of my distinction, my calibre. Many of you feel, probably the vast majority as well, that Ric Flair doesn't deserve- as a matter of fact Ric Flair is just not only not the same calibre of Mr. McMahon, *fans start chanting WHAT?!* Please don't start with that "WHAT?!" crap. Ric Flair is not worthy of being in the ring with me, Vince McMahon. *WHAT?!" I disagree with that. I'm about to show you a montage, a collage of Ric Flair from the 80's and the 90's. You'll see highlights of Flair in action against names like Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, The Man They Call Vader, a whole list of individuals. Let's take a look at Ric Flair in action.

*Video package of Flair plays*

Vince: " Yeah that's impressive alright. Mr. Flair wasn't content on having one of the greatest Wrestling careers of all time. No no no, on November 19th Mr. Flair thought he would start a new career. Let's take a look at this footage, since you asked, from Charlotte, North Carolina."

*Footage plays showing how Flair bought 50% of WWF*

Vince: " Having bought the stock of my rotten kids Shane and Stephanie McMahon. A Couple of weeks ago, almost, Mr. Flair made another announcement, when he challenged me to a match at the Royal Rumble, then proceeded to bust me right in the mouth. I certainly didn't appreciate that, nor did I not appreciate what Mr. Flair did last Thursday night, when he caused me to have 3 stitches in my left eye. Well Mr. Flair has this old expression; "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." Well Flair, I am the man, and now I'm going to prove it." Vince walks over to the present, opens it up and pulls out a blonde Flair wig and puts it on. He then pulls out a Flair robe and puts that on. Following this, McMahon begins to strut around the ring like Flair, until Flair cuts him off.
Flair: " This is another example of what I was talking to you about a couple of weeks ago. Every time you take a part of my life and make it real. And make a tribute like that, like you just did to my career, I find that soft spot in my heart for you again. BUT THEN YOU DO SUMMIN' STUPID *Flair throws his jacket on the floor* LIKE PUTTING THAT WIG ON AND PUTTING MY ROBE ON! LIKE WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MCMAHON?! I'M RIC FLAIR, I'M THE NATURE BOY AND YOU WILL NEVER MAKE FUN OF ME OR EVER GET IN MY FACE EVER AGAIN, YOU GOT IT?! I'M RIC FLAIR AND YOU'RE NOT SO TAKE OF THAT DAMN WIG RIGHT NOW!"

Flair hits the wig of McMahon's head. McMahon goes to take of the robe but pulls out a pipe instead and slams it over the skull of Flair. Flair is busted open, and McMahon beats him up around Ringside for a little while.



Rob Van Dam vs Test

Test pounds away to start but Van Dam comes back with a spinwheel kick to take over. Another spin kick is caught in a kind of powerbomb and the Canadian pounds away on the head. A clothesline in the corner gets two and it’s off to the chinlock already. Rob fights up and escapes a suplex before kicking Test’s leg out.

Van Dam kicks Test down but Test kicks the referee into the ropes for the crotch. The referee and Test get in a shoving match which gives Van Dam two. Test misses the big boot so Van Dam kicks him to the floor where Test grabs a chair. The referee is shoved down again and it’s the Van Daminator to set up the Five Star for the pin.

Rob Van Dam wins via Five Star Frog Splash in 3:45

Kurt Angle is backstage, waiting to address the crowd.
Angle: " All this attention, all this hype, all this talk, over a man who isn't even here. Triple H couldn't care less about you, it's true, it's true. In fact, I guarantee that Triple H won't be here tonight. He's sitting at home in Connecticut, his quads perfectly fine, just cashing his pay checks for doing nothing. To make up for this disappointment, I have my own announcement that I will share with you all later on, tonight."

A camera cuts to WWF New York, where Trish and Terri are having an argument of some sort. Terri then challenges Trish to a Wet T-Shirt match later on tonight.



The Zoo Crew (Scotty & Albert) vs Billy & Chuck

Billy and Albert get things going and it’s Albert taking over on both of the guys in red. We get the comedy spot of Billy being sent into the corner and falling face first into Chuck’s crotch. Scotty comes in with a neckbreaker for two on Chuck but Billy blasts him in the back to take over. The heels take over for a bit, but Scotty comes back with a DDT on Chuck to put both guys down/

There’s the hot tag to Albert as the fans are nearly comatose. A powerslam gets two on Chuck and there’s a splash in the corner to Billy. Chuck hits Billy by mistake and Scotty loads up the Worm. After a dancing accompaniment by Albert, the Worm gets two but Billy breaks it up. Chuck superkicks Albert down and the Fameasser is enough to pin Scotty.

Billy & Chuck win via Fame-asser in 3:45

We're in the backstage area where Sharmell is about to give an interview to WWF Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.
Sharmell: " Now Chris, your undisputed title is not on the line tonight- *Jericho cuts her off*
Jericho: " Hold on a second, Sharmell. First of all you address me the way I want and deserved to be addressed and that is the living legend, larger than life, the undisputed champion, Chris Jericho. Second of all, how gratifying was it seeing Mr. McMahon leave Ric Flair in a pool of his own blood. After all, it was Ric Flair who gave Rocky the opportunity to be #1 contender to my championship. Which gives me the opportunity to beat The Rock for the unprecedented, one, two, three, four, FIFTH time. It's also Mr. Flair who booked me in a non-title match against Rikishi. WHY? Because Ric Flair and everybody else wants to see Chris Jericho get the stinkface. Look at this beautiful gorgeous profile Sharmell, this picture perfect Picaso of a face huh? It's never been desecrated by the stinkface and it's not going to be desecrated by the stinkface tonight. So everybody watching who get's down on the knees and prays "Please god, let me be half as good looking as the undisputed champion, Chris Jericho." is going to be very, very disappointed tonight."

We're in the interview area with Michael Cole and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Cole: "Stone Cold Steve Austin here, with some issues to make about the 2002 Royal Rumble."
Austin: Cole *WHAT?!* Shut up *WHAT?!* You're a nerd *WHAT?!* And a dork *WHAT?!* now move over *WHAT?!* so Stone Cold can address his fans. *WHAT?!* *Austin pushes Cole back into the set and off camera* At the Royal Rumble *WHAT?!* I'm going take a guy *WHAT?!* and throw him over the top *WHAT?!* onto the floor *WHAT?!* and the next guy *WHAT?!* and the next guy *WHAT?!* and the next guy *WHAT?* one more guy *WHAT?* and the next guy *WHAT?* All 29 other guys *WHAT?* Give em' a Stunner *WHAT?!* Drink a beer *WHAT?!* Give em' another Stunner *WHAT?!* Drink another beer *WHAT?!* and win the goddamn Royal Rumbe. *POP* And that's the Bottom Line, 'Cause Stone Cold said so."



We return to the air with the announcement that Jerry "The King" Lawler will emcee the Wet T-Shirt contest.

WWF Intercontinental Title-
Lance Storm vs Edge (C)
Edge is defending. Storm immediately jumps Edge and clotheslines him in the corner. They trade some fast rollups and Storm hooks the Canadian Maple Leaf (half crab). That goes nowhere so Edge elbows him in the face a few times and hits the Impaler to retain. This was barely a minute long.

Edge wins via Impaled DDT in 1:10

William Regal jumps Edge as he leaves and it’s the Power of the Punch for the champion.

This months issue of WWF Magazine is revealed.

We head backstage to see Kurt Angle talking to Christian.
Angle: " I mean who the hell does this guy think he is? He think's he can just return and be loved by the fans instantly. I am the man that saved this company at Survivor Series, I am the man that is adored and loved by all the children. I mean I tore my quadricep this morning, and I'm here tonight! Hey Christian, just wait for my ground breaking announcement later."

The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Big Boss Man and Booker T

Booker and Boss Man are Vince’s cronies and they’re fighting the heroes. It’s a big brawl to start of course with Rock vs. Booker on the floor and a Thesz Press to Boss Man back inside. They switch partners and it’s Austin vs. Booker to start things off. A hot shot puts Booker down as Boss Man is rammed into the table a few times. Austin throws Booker to the floor so Rock throws Boss Man inside.

It’s time to stomp a mudhole as the Super Best Friends are completely dominant so far. Another clothesline puts Boss Man down and it’s off to Rock. The big jumping clothesline gets two for Rocky but Boss Man hits a kind of running clothesline in the corner to take over. Off to Rock who gets his face slammed into the mat, only to come back and send Rock to the floor. Back in and Booker stomps away but Rock pops up for a quick slugout.

A spinebuster puts Booker down but Boss Man breaks up the People’s Elbow. There’s the Book End but Austin comes in to break up something that hadn’t started yet. Boss Man comes in to fire off a knee to Rock’s chest and Booker adds a superkick for two. Austin comes in to break things up again and this time it’s enough for the hot tag to the Rattlesnake. Boss Man seems to have issues with any spot where he has to be lifted into the air. Everything breaks down for a third time and the Stunner pins Boss Man.

Rock and Austin win via Stunner in 8:22.

Rock and Austin share a couple of beers as we go to commercial.



Rikishi vs Chris Jericho

Non-title here. Rikishi shoves him around to start and loads up a quick Stinkface, only to have referee Nick Patrick block it for no apparent reason. We head to the floor where Jericho rips the padding off the barricade and whips Rikishi into it to take over. Back inside we go and Jericho gets two off a missile dropkick. The Lionsault misses though and Rikishi starts his comeback.

A kind of Alabama Slam puts Jericho down and there’s a Samoan Drop for no cover. Rikishi loads up the Banzai Drop but Patrick blocks it again. After shoving him away, Rikishi misses the Banzai and Jericho heads to the floor. He grabs one of the belts but the swing misses and Rikishi superkicks Jericho into Patrick. A Stinkface only hits the referee and it’s a belt shot to Rikishi’s head for the pin.

Jericho wins via Belt to the head in 3:27.

Big Show, Torrie and Tajiri are talking in the back about Triple H returning.
Show: So what'd you think of Triple H Torrie?"
Torrie: "Hmm, pretty cool. I can't believe it's this long since we've seen-" *Angle enters and cuts off Torrie*
Angle: "Guys, shut up. You're like a bunch of teenagers at a Ricky Martin concert or something. Listen hear closely. Nobody cares about Triple H anymore, I am the man of the moment, Kurt Angle. Oh, and I hope you are ready for my announcement later tonight."
Angle walks off and the three look confused.
Tajiri: "Living Lavida Loca!"

The WWF World Tag Team Champions are backstage, when they run into their opponents for tonight, Tazz and Spike. This match is for the titles.



WWF World Tag Team Titles- Hardcore Match

Tazz and Spike Dudley vs Team 3-D (Bubba Ray & D-Von) w/ Stacy Keibler

This is hardcore match and Stacy is with the Dudleys. It’s a brawl to start with Spike being sent into the steps. Bubba sprays him with a fire extinguisher as the fans want tables. Spike tries a sunset flip on Bubba, only to get blasted with the extinguisher again. A HARD trashcan lid to the face puts Tazz down and What’s Up Tazz? Bubba wants tables but whispers it because he’s evil right now.

Tazz is almost put through but Spike makes the save with a stop sign. There’s a Tazmission to D-Von but Tazz has to let it go to move a table. Stacy flashes Tazz to distract him but Bubba gets the view instead, allowing for a suplex onto a table. Spike puts him through the table with a Dudley Dog for the upset and the titles.

Tazz and Spike win via Dudley Dog in 3:45 to win the WWF World Tag Team Titles.

We're backstage, where The Undertaker is waiting for us.
Taker: "January 20th, is my night. At the Royal Rumble, there is no friends, only enemies, just the way I like it. Austin, Angle, even Triple H, you haven't got a chance in being the last man standing. At the Royal Rumble, I will be the winner and headline Wrestlemania once again."

Wet T-Shirt Contest

It’s time for the wet t-shirt contest now. Terri goes first and Jerry freaks out as you can see through her shirt. Trish leans against the ropes to get wetted down,

but Jazz runs in to beat her down and end the contest.

The crowd goes absolutely nuts, as a shadowy figure stands atop the entrance way. He pours a bottle of water over his head and walks over to the fans who are still going crazy. He makes his way down to the ring, and does his famous water spit as the spot light hits him. HHH continues to pose for another good two minutes until he finally takes a microphone.
HHH: " In case you've forgotten, I'm about to tell you who in the hell I am. I AM THE GAME! AND YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I'M BACK! And I am the guy that tonight, officially enters the Royal Rumble. And I-"

Angle interrupts.

Angle: "Who the hell do you think you are? A quad injury kept you out for eight months, eight months! I won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freaking neck! If anyone deserves this time right here, right now, it's me! So you're on my time pal. But I'm glad you're out here, to hear my major announcement. Because it's even bigger than your big return. It's something that everybody's been waiting for. And my major announcement is... I Kurt Angle, will also enter the Royal Rumble! My first EVER Royal Rumble. And you wanna know why I didn't enter the Rumble last year Hunter? I think you know, 'cause I was too busy pinning your ass to the mat! What'd you think about that?" Angle drops his mic and Triple H charges towards him and takes him down, laying punches into his face. HHH beats on him in the corner, goes for the back body drop but Angle kicks him in the face, then gives him a German Suplex. Both men get back on their feet and HHH grips Angle by the throat and takes him down. HH releases and calls for the Pedigree! Angle stagger's up and gets planted face first to the floor. HHH's music hit's again as the show ends.


Overall Show Rating- B
Attendance- 15,000
Ticket Sales- $360,000
TV Revenue- $170,000

Pretty awesome first show, hope you guys enjoyed it. I will update you through the week with either WWF.com articles (Kayfabe news) or Dirtsheets. Feed back is more than appreciated-

Favourite match and why?
Least favourite match and how to improve?
Favourite segment and why?
Least favourite segment and how to improve?
Show rating?

Thanks again for reading guys!

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Dirt Sheet Reports- Tuesday 8th January 2002.

The word backstage is that they we're overwhelmed by the ovation returning star Triple H received last night. It is still reported by sources inside the WWF that Triple H will win the Royal Rumble. People are still unsatisfied with Jericho's title reign since becoming champion in June 2001. Many fans are calling his reign forgettable. Hopefully this match with The Rock at the Royal Rumble might add a bit of credibility back to Jericho's reign. The feeling still is that Jericho will be dropping the belt at Wrestlemania, most likely to Triple H. It was also noted that road agents were very pleased by the ovation Edge received from the MSG crowd. The WWF are known to be high on Edge and really think he can make a big name for himself in the WWF.

he show started with two dark matches, Tajiri beating Billy Kidman, then The Hardyz beating the APA.

Stephanie started off the show, saying that she is the reason HHH is back. She then get's escorted out of the ring since she is not employed by the WWF anymore.

WWF Tag Team Title Match- Tazz and Spike Dudley def. Christian and Lance Storm

The unlikely team that won the belts last night kicked off their reign against Storm and Christian. The match was mainly Christian and Storm dominating Spike for the most part, until Spike got the hot tag which led to Tazz applying the Tazzmission causing Christian to tap out. After the match The Dudleyz ran down and attacked the champions, but Tazz and Spike got the better of them with Spike hitting a Dudley Dog on Bubba and Tazz giving D-Von a T-Bone Suplex.

We have an announcement that 3 stars are returning at the Rumble, the first announced is none other than the big Valbowski himself, Val Venis.

WWF Intercontinental Title- Edge vs Big Boss Man

Edge made decently quick work on Boss Man, after he tried to use the night stick but Edge ended up hitting the Edgecution to Boss man on the night stick for the win. Following the match, Regal appeared on the screen and challenged Edge to a match at Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental Title, and Edge accepts.

Kurt Angle gets interviewed by Lilian, in which he feeds into the "WHAT?!" chants. He then challenges Austin to a match tonight.

We see Booker T in the bathroom, and we start to hear farting noises. Booker bangs the door demanding for this to stop, when Rikishi walks out the stall. Booker asks Rikishi who he's facing tonight and Rikishi responds saying hes actually facing Booker T.

The Rock & Rob Van Dam vs Test & Chris Jericho

Pretty good match, started off with Jericho tagging in Test because he didn't want to fight The Rock. Rock and Test go back and for a bit until Rock tags in RVD who dominates Test for a little. Test and RVD go back and for until Rock gets the hot tag. Rock beats on Jericho, as RVD goes outside and fights with Test. The referee is distracted over something, as Jericho hits Rock with the belt, but only gets two. It comes to an end when The Rock applies the Sharpshooter to Jericho to which he taps.

We get a Vince McMahon interview with Jim Ross, where McMahon says he is going to take risks to beat Flair at the Royal Rumble etc.

Booker T vs Rikishi

Pretty short match. Went back and for until Rikishi gave Booker the Stinkface, which caused Booker to vomit over Michael Cole and some how ending the match in a draw. Rikishi then danced in the ring.

The Rock gives an interview with Jonathan Coachman, where Rock says he's beating Jericho at the Rumble. The Rock then says Jericho doesn't know the meaning of large and that The Rock has something large to which Coach starts laughing. They look at eachother awkwardly until Rocky calls him a sick freak, then says he was referring to Rocks size 14 boot which he's going to shove up Jericho's candy ass.

Kurt Angle vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Best match of the night. Build up started quite slowly until it hid the mid point. The signature moves began to show with Austin giving Angle triple German Suplexes, then Angle giving all three back. Austin was locked in the Angle lock until Austin rolled through and hit the Stunner. Explosion and Kane walks down the ramp. He gives a chokeslam to Austin but the ref hasn't called for a DQ. Angle then starts stomping away at Austin until Kane gives Angle a chokeslam to whcih the ref calls for the bell. I guess it was a no contest. Next, Big Show comes down to the ring and Kane and himself both grip each other by the throat. Show shows his strength and gives Kane a Show Stopper which shakes the ring. Then, Triple H comes out to a massive pop. He Pedigrees Show and poses for a bit. Until Undertaker comes out and stands on top of the ramp. The two stare down to end the show.

But, we also get a dark main event-

The Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H vs Kane, Big Show and Kurt Angle

Okay match, Angle and Austin didn't get that involved since they just went 12 minutes. The match finished with HHH hitting a Pedigree on Angle and The Games new music played as everyone left the arena.

We've heard from various sources backstage that Austin got into a fight with both Jeff Hardy and Triple H separately on the same night. We don't know what the fight was about, but apparently following this, Austin smashed up HHH's rental car. No word on any action taken on Austin has of yet.

Reports from sources say WWF have made a big addition to their developmental Territory, OVW today with a lot of big independent names rumoured to have signed. These names include;
AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Beth Pheonix
Claudio Castsgnoli
and Frankie Kazarian

With these names signing developmental deals, we could be seeing some new additions to the roster very shortly, even more with the rumoured "Brand Split" taking place after Wrestlemania 18. With names like Batista, Brock Lesnar, Charlie Haas, Jamie Knoble, Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton and The Prototype, we could see a big in come of new talent in the WWF.

We've also heard that other big names have been linked with WWF. We received information from former ECW star Chris Candido that he has been in recent talks regarding a deal at WWF. Other ECW names have also been rumoured including Kid Kash, Dawn Marie, Little Guido, Joey Styles, Nova, Super Crazy.

Former WWF and Japan star Taka Michinoku has also been offered to re-sign with the WWF.

Another two big names recently linked are former WCW stars Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. Guerrero was released from WWF last year to do with drugs, but apparently they have given him another chance and offered him a new deal. Mysterio never signed on upon the closure of WCW, but we have word from people close to Rey that he has indeed been offered a deal.

There have also been a few more indie names linked to WWF's developmental. WWF are being thought to make a huge sweep for their developmental since names have been rumoured to being called up very soon and a whole list of others been let go. Some indies names WWF are interested in include CM Punk and Paul London.



WWF SmackDown! 10th January 2002

Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York


Stephanie McMahon is talking backstage with Deba about which one of their husbands are better.

Stephanie: "Triple H is going to kick your husbands ass! But would you excuse me? I have more important people to talk to."

Stephanie walks off.

Debra: Sure, haha. No one's kicking my husbands butt."

Debra walks off.


We get an announcement that tonight we will see The Rock and Rob Van Dam take on Chris Jericho and Test.


Stephanie's music hits, and she makes her way down to the ring, even though she is unemployed by the WWF. She is wearing a Backstage Pass on her leg but that somehow grants her access to the ring. She picks up a microphone.

Stephanie: "I just could not wait to come to this arena tonight. To thank you all for showing my husband the respect you did Monday night. Triple H isn't even here yet, but I know I can do what ever I want, because THE GAME IS BACK! and I'm the Game's wife." *WHAT?!* "I said I'm the Game's wife." *WHAT?!* "You heard me." *WHAT?!* "Because you see, without me, without my business brain, Triple H would have never been the success he is in the WWF. I'll explain further. Triple H would of never been the four time WWF Champion without my passion and dedication. Triple H would never of returned from a career threatening injury in just eight months without me, his precious wife by his side. Listen, Triple H appreciates me, he appreciates what I'm capable of and with my help Triple H will be able to go on and win the Royal Rumble and become the new WWF Undisputed champion. See Triple H does something that you people never have, he appreciates me. He knows my brains will get him further than any other WWF superstar has ever gone. You see, I don't think you people understand, so let me explain it to you. Triple H, The Game is back in the WWF. And I'm the Game's wife, I point my finger and Triple H destroys. Nobody in the WWF want's my finger pointed in their direction, especially not Ric Flair." *WOO!* " 'Cause you see, if Flair had listened to me he wouldn't be laid up in a hospital bed with a concussion right now.But I believe in second chances. So I hope Ric Flair understand's the he doesn't want my finger pointing at him, because when I point at Flair, believe my husband will destroy him. And that goes for any one of you." *Security comes to the ring to escort Stephanie out.* "Including you, because Triple H will kick your asses. You see, The Game is back and so am I." Stephanies music plays as she walks to the back with security.


Christian and Lance Storm are backstage.

Christian: "I'm telling you Lance, I'm telling you. There has never been a better opportunity for you to win gold, and me to win more gold tonight. I mean Tazz and Spike as the Tag Team Champions come on! It's money in the bank, their gonna be easier to beat in the Garden, than the Knicks, and that's easy."

Lance: "Yeah, 'cause America suck at Hockey." Lance walks off while Christian looks confused.
Christian: "Yeah, they suck at Basket Ball too."​



WWF World Tag Team Title Match-
Tazz and Spike Dudley (c) vs Christian and Lance Storm
The match starts off right away as the four men trade left and rights. Spike sends Christian over the top and on to the floor, as Storm nearly takes Tazz' head off, which takes him out of the ring. Storm then goes after Spike but he too gets thrown on to the floor. Spike then climbs to the top rope and takes out Lance Storm. Christian picks Spike up by his hair and launches him into the steel stairs. He brings Spike back into the ring and gives him some kicks to the stomach. Christian takes Spike up onto his shoulders and drops him abs first with a gut buster. Christian then takes Spike over to his corner and tags in Storm, who gives Spike another kick. Storm continues to work the mid-section of Spike, then get's him on his shoulders and hits a rolling fire-man's carry slam, 1..2..-Spike kicks out! Storm pulls Spike up and launches him toward Christian boot which is waiting on the top rope. Christian tags in and he continues to work on Spike's mid section. Spike tries to start a come back, but get's cut off almost immediately. Christian throws Spike into his corner again and draws Tazz into the ring which distracts the referee. Storm goes on to choke Spike on the ropes while Christian gives a couple of boots to Spike. Storm tags back in, and further works Spike's stomach in the corner. Storm goes to take Spike up for a vertical suplex but Spike rolls storm up into a small package, 1..2..-Storm escapes. Spike gets onto his feet but get's put back down after an European Upper-cut from Storm, 1..2..-Spike kicks out again. Storm gives Spike another gut buster. Storm whips Spike into the corner, but as he goes to follow up Spike gives Storm a low diving head-butt. Hot Tag! Tazz and Christian both enter and Tazz takes Christian straight to the mat. Storm comes back in but eats a clothesline as well. Storm then runs straight into a belly to belly suplex. Christian runs into a T-Bone suplex. Tazz clotheslines Storm out of the ring and Christian then shoves Tazz to the outside, Spike comes behind Christian and takes him up for the Dudley dog but Christian pushes him off. Christian sets up Spike for an inverted DDT but Tazz comes behind him and applies the Tazzmission, to which Christian taps out. Tazz and Spike Dudley are still your tag team champions. They stand tall until The Dudley Boyz run in from no where and beatdown Tazz and Spike. But they turn the tables and The Dudleys end up on the down.

During the first match, Michael Cole announced that former WWF stars will return at the Royal Rumble. The first of which is about to be announced...
Val Venis returns January 20th 2002 at The Royal Rumble.
WWF Intercontinental Title Match-
Edge (c) vs Big Boss Man
They lock up, Boss Man backs Edge into the corner and throws some punches at Edge. Boss Man then throws Edge across the ring, then backs the IC Champion into another corner and beats on him some more. And he throws Edge across the ring again. Boss man dominates, until Edge blocks his attempt of bashing Edge's head into the turn-buckle. Edge sends Boss Man into the corner and hammers away at him. Edge goes to whip Boss Man into the opposite corner but he reverses sending Edge into the corner, then goes to send him crashing with a side walk slam. Boss Man then slides out of the ring and gives Edge an upper-cut. Boss Man is in complete control of the Intercontinental Champion. Boss Man re-enters the ring but Edge starts a come back, throwing rights at Boss Man. He runs off the ropes but Boss Man takes him down with a shoulder tackle, 1..2..-Edge kicks out. Irish whip sees Edge ducking the clothesline, goes for the high cross body but Boss Man catches him and gives him a nasty back breaker. Boss Man whips Edge into the corner again but as he follows up but Edge gets hit feet up. Edge ducks a right hand from Boss Man and hits him with a couple of rights and then a dropkick. Boss Man bounces off the ropes and Edge takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Edge takes Boss Man down with the Edge-o-matic, 1..2..Boss man kicks out! Edge runs the ropes but Boss Man catches him with a spine buster. Boss Man rolls out of the ring and grabs his night stick. The Ref stops Boss Man from going any further and Edge hits him with a Spear, then follows up with an Edgecution onto the night stick, 1..2..3! Edge retains his title.
Following the match, William Regal appears on the titantron.
Regal: "Bravo young man, bravo, another fine victory. But I also need to congratulate you on another victory. Because you did your best to destroy my beautifully rugged face and a bloody good job of it you made as well. Three separate surgeries I've had to endure, but I wonder if you've considered your actions wise? Because the blood that flows from my veins is pure English blood. And if you bothered to scholar yourself, you'd know that the English are the most barbaric, sadistic, evil, wicked, spiteful bastards that ever walked this Earth, and I am proud to be one of them. As I've told you before, when you gamble with the devil, the devil always wins. And unfortunately for you sunshine, the devil is coming to collect."
Edge: "Well, thanks a lot beals and bob. But what the hell are you talking about? If you want something, here's an idea, speak English."
Regal: "You know exactly what I want, at the Royal Rumble, I want a match for your Intercontinental Championship. What do you say Edge? Are you man enough?
Edge: Man enough? I'm not the one running round stuffing things down my pants, in order to win my matches. But you know what? I guess you need those brass knuckles because you definitely don't have brass balls. So Regal, I accept your challenge at the Rumble and I hope that big schnoz is fully functioning, because you're gonna need it to smell me totally reaking of awesomeness."

Royal Rumble Return #2-

Goldust returns January 20th at the Royal Rumble
Camera pans to Kurt Angle backstage with Lilian Garcia
Lilian: " Kurt, we just saw that Goldust is entering the Royal Rumble, and you yourself announced-*Angle cuts her off*
Angle: "Woah woah woah, Goldust? Goldust? That's all we need around here, more freaks. *WHAT?!* If I wanna see more freaks and weirdos, I'll just step out into mid-town Manhattan. *WHAT?!* Now last Monday night, *WHAT?!* I made a very, important major announcement. *WHAT?!* That I Kurt Angle will be entering my first Royal Rumble. *WHAT?!* Now Triple H tried to steal my thunder, *WHAT?!* 'cause that's just the glory hound that he is. *WHAT?!* But that didn't get to me. *WHAT?!* This did -referring to WHAT?! chants- *WHAT?!* The fans of New York chanting what in between each one of my sentances." *WHAT?!* Kurt is shaking his head looking very annoyed. "Stop it! *WHAT?!* That's just rude. *WHAT?!* I'm an Olympic Gold Medallist. *WHAT?!* You don't do it to me! *WHAT?!* Alright I know this will work. *WHAT?!* Please, don't say what again. *WHAT?!* CUT IT OUT! *WHAT?!* This is all Austin's fault. *WHAT?!* Making up this stupid catchphrase! *WHAT?!* Go ahead say it again *WHAT?!* You say it again and I'm challenging Austin to a match tonight and I'm kicking his butt. *WHAT?!* Is that what you people want? *WHAT?!* I'm gonna kick Austin's butt tonight. *WHAT?!* YOU GOT IT AUSTIN'S MINE! *WHAT?!* What what what what what what what *WHAT?!* I hate this freaking city! *WHAT?!*

Booker T is seen walking into the bathroom and begins to brush his teeth. He smells something really bad.
Booker: "Dayum." He goes back to brushing his teeth when he hears a fart. "DAMN MAN, Why don't you do something with that brah? Jeez." He goes back to brushing again when he hears another fart. "Damn man, what's up with that brah? Why don't you put some water with that or something? Somethings wrong with your diet man! Is that a nuclear explosion or what? Tryna' brush my teeth out here." The door finally opens and out walks Rikishi. "What the hell you doin' in there?"
Rikishi: "My pre-match ritual."
Booker: "Pre-match ritual? Why dontcha' just spray some o' this on ya' man, let you smell real good for tonight, you know what I'm sayin' ? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, by the way who you got anyway?"
Rikishi: "Me? I'll backing that ass up, on you." Rikishi leaves as Booker is looking shocked.
Booker: "Tell me, he didn't just say that?"

Rob Van Dam and The Rock vs Chris Jericho and Test
Rock is about to start against Jericho, but Test gets the tag as Jericho escapes before the match. Here we go: Test is run down and Rock tells Jericho to bring it. Jericho distracts him and Test proceeds to stomp the feces out of him. Jericho lends a hand when he is tagged in. Test and Rock both go down and RVD gets the hot tag. He runs over to nail Jericho and then goes to work on Test and now Jericho who runs in only to eat some Thunder. RVD goes up and somersaults into Jericho. Test grabs him but he is rolled up, Jericho has to make the save. Jericho knocks him to the floor and hangs him out to dry onto the announce table. Both Test and Jericho take turns in mauling RVD. RVD counters, goes up but is caught on the leap by Test. RVD slips through, Test runs into the corner and both men are down. Both men make the tag, Rock tees off. Rock Bottom! Test makes the save. Rock is hit with the WCW belt by Jericho. RVD takes out Jericho and then suicide dives into Test. They fight into the crowd as the other two are down. Jericho covers the Rock who barely gets his shoulder up in time. Jericho hammers him, goes for the Lionsault but gets all knees. Jericho tries to keep the offensive going but runs right into a spinebuster and immediately taps in the Sharpshooter.

We are shown a video of an interview between JR and Mr.McMahon recorded earlier today.
Vince: I don't want you to be up tight, I want you to relax, I want you to ask me anything you want to ask me. Go ahead."
JR: "That's very nice of you, thank you. We're here to talk about your match at the Royal Rumble with Ric Flair. However, on a side note, Triple H returned to the World Wrestling Federation Monday night on RAW, certainly Madison Square Garden got the loudest, longest sustained ovation I personally have ever heard in over 25 years in this business. What are your thoughts on the reception your son in law received?"
Vince: "It was overwhelming."
JR: "I would think that, this would cause a major problem for you."
Vince: "In what respect?"
JR: "Well, Triple H is married to your daughter, Stephanie. You and Stephanie are certainly estranged as we speak. I would think that there would be some animosity there between you and Triple H."
Vince: "I'm not going to discuss my personal life tonight, so you want to keep on the subject that we agreed to talk about. You may proceed."
JR: "Alright, fair enough. You will meet Ric Flair, one on one, at the Royal Rumble. Your actions, and you said to be honest, you said to be straight forward with you, in my view and I'm sure the view of many fans, somewhat reprehensible, your actions of Monday night. I'd like your comments on that, your motivation for that unprovoked attack with a pipe. You know I don't think you fully realise-*Vince cuts him off*
Vince: "Hang on a sec, you stated my actions were unprovoked, I'd like to beg to differ with your point of view. And here's why, because November 19 will forever be embed in my mind as one of the worst days of my life. November 19th was the date Ric Flair came out and publicly humiliated me and announced to the world, before I knew, that he had bought my rotten son's stock, and my even more rotten daughter's stock. Now what kind of under-handed business man does something like that? I thought it was illegal, it almost is. Ric Flair is an under-handed business man. Then from there Ric Flair comes out and challenges me, one on one, to a match at the Royal Rumble, I got no problems accepting his challenge. He had no call to bust me in the mouth. Ric Flair therefore, is no gentleman. And then a week ago tonight JR, Ric Flair, and you wanna talk about an unprovoked attack? I'm down at ringside, I turn around and Flair is charging like a bull, and he hit me so hard, you saw what he did to my eye. 7 stitches total and all of that is then unprovoked JR? Let me just say I don't need any more provocation but, what I'm going to do to Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble, will be so magnified compared to what I did to him last Monday night."
JR: "Well, be that as it may, I've known Ric Flair for over 20 years, longer than I've known you sir. I think I know Ric Flair very well. He has been called on many occasions, and rightfully so, the dirtiest player in the game. And quite frankly, I'm not so sure you're fully prepared for what retribution you're going to receive at the Royal Rumble, not to be argumentative. So my final question to you is, Mr. McMahon, are you ready for the price you're going to pay at the Royal Rumble?"
Vince: "Oh JR I'm ready. I don't think you really know me all that well do you? You know I'm the kind of just when you think you know them a little bit, you find out you don't know a damn thing about them. Oh I'm willing to pay the price. You see JR, I'm a risk taker. A calculated risk taker. You can call me a bad guy, but you see I just hope that Ric Flair when he comes to the ring at the Rumble, I hope Ric is there with his family at ringside. Yeah, because I want his family and the whole world to see what I do to Ric Flair. I don't know if you're going to think ill of me but, I enjoy destroying lives. It turns me on. Especially an icon, like Ric Flair. After the match, and my hand is raised as a token of victory, Ric Flair has LOST, to Vince McMahon. Flair won't be able to live with himself he'll be so humbled. I'm going to destroy Ric alright, from the inside out. Flair will be humbled at the Rumble. I hope his wife and children are crying as a result of what I do to Ric, I'm being honest. And then, Flair will beg me to buy his stock."
Booker T is walking to the ring, looking nervous of his upcoming match with Rikishi.


Royal Rumble return #3
Booker T vs Rikishi
Booker charges but gets the worst of it. He is powerslammed and Rikishi kicks out at one. Booker is hammered some more but off the whip into the corner he gets the boot up and then hits the axe kick. Spinarooni! He spins up right into a front kick and he slumps down in the corner! Stink Face!! Booker stumbles to the floor and then pukes all over Cole!
Booker T walks back into the bathroom, then DDP walks in.
DDP: Hey Booker!
Booker: "What the hell do you want man?"
DDP: "You need to know that receiving the stinkface from Rikishi, isn't a bad thing."
Booker: "What the hell you talkin' about?"
DDP: "It's.... okay okay, It's a really bad thing. Bad bad bad bad BAD! Horrible. Disgusting. BUT, at least, it didn't happen, to me, D..D..P!"
The Rock is backstage with Coach.
Coach: Big win tonight, but the question is, can you defeat Chris Jericho one on one at the Royal Rumble for the Undisputed- *Rock cuts him off*
Rock: "Shut your mouth coach! That's not the big question. The fact of the matter is that The Rock has been walking for five straight days and I haven't said FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO NEW YORK CITY! You see Chris Jericho, tonight on The Rock's show SmackDown! you got your ass whooped by The Rock and come Royal Rumble 2002, it's not gonna change. Chris Jericho, you call yourself a living legend, you call yourself larger than life. Well the fact of the matter is Chris Jericho, is you don't know large. You know nothing about large. You see The Rock has something that's large. The Rock has something that's enormous. The Rock has something thats huge! The Rock has something has-"*Rock stops and looks at Coach who is laughing* They look at eachother awkwardly for a while.
Rock: "What in the blue hell are you smiling at you sick freak? Your eyes stay locked on The Rock's eyes, period. What The Rock, was referring to was his size 14 boot. Which means Chris Jericho at Royal Rumble 2002, The Rock is gonna take his size 14 boot, shove it straight up, pull it back out, shove it straight up, pull it back out, shake it off, rub it all over Coach's face 'cause he likes it, and The Rock's gonna take a big step back, turn it sideways and shove it straight up your candy ass! Chris Jericho, the countdown is on. Tick tock, tick tock! If ya' smell what The Rock is cookin'."
Royal Rumble return #4
The Godfather returns at the Royal Rumble.
Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin
They are face to face and do some jawing. What chants echo as they lock up with Angle pushing him into the corner. Ref forces the break. Angle does a bit of taunting and they lock up again, with Angle getting pushed back now. Headlock now. Angle goes down and then tries to get vertical. He punches, and then pushes him off but is knocked down and then taken over. Back to the headlock. Angle is up again and this time he runs Austin down but this time he runs right into a waiting Austin and is tossed over the top rope. Austin goes out after him, chopping him to pieces. Back in the ring. Angle is tossed back out and then gets decimated by being thrust into the steps. Austin hones in on the arm, slams it over and over onto the steps. Back in the ring, Angle knees him down and does it again as he comes back. Fans are RILED. Angle pounds him but the Thesz Press ends that. Austin pulls him up only to get tossed in a suplex. Two count. They battle, off the ropes they go, and Angle gets hotshotted. Austin misses two clotheslines, the leg is grabbed and Angle spins him but is clotheslined. Angle is kicked after whipping him into the corner, and Austin is starting some Rolling Germans of his own. But Angle returns the favor, and this time actually hits the moonsault! Two count. Now it is Ankle Lock time. Austin cannot get to the ropes but with some help he turns Angle over into a two count. Stunner! But Austin cannot follow up as he sells the ankle. Cue Kane for some reason and the announcers are at a loss. He pulls Angle up, Austin does but Kane is there and chokeslams Austin. Angle stomps Austin but he too turns right into a chokeslam!
Big Show comes out! He and Kane goozle each other and down goes Kane. This is all about the Rumble. HHH comes out and slowly takes off his jacket, sexy. He and Show square off and two kicks leads to a Pedigree. Undertaker stands on the stage staring down HHH as the show ends.

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