WWF RAW in the year 1998

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. So long story short, i've had some extra time on my hands the last few weeks, working at 5am makes me pretty secluded with my 3rd shift friends, and most of the TV shows ive been watching are about to end, so when suggested to rewatch WWF raw in 96-99, i decided to download 34 gig's of 1998. Awesome? Im only on feb, so it's no where near as pathetic as it could be.

    So 1998 begins with Rock in the nation, Mark Henry is their stooge, Stone cold is giving everyone stunners, and Shawn Michaels is the only reason people care about DX. Does anyone else have any fun/random memories? I can pm thel ink if interested, honestly it's worth it alone to compare the AE to PG. Terry Funk and Foley the god have fought every tv show so far, and every time it is outrageous. It is funny to know so many people consider each character to be sperate. There was even a spot last episode they were shoved in a dumpster off the edge, jesus this makes WWE today look even more like days of our lives, when the Brewers were on it.

    Have a laugh people, share the moments from when you were a kid and WWF was your favorite monday night plan, if you were a WCW guy even into the end (1998-1999), If you were a badass into other wrestling, or just made fun of your friends for watching staged sports. Mine is simple. WCW fan who played WWF but made fun of my friend because he liked HBK when i was into Chris Jericho. Both were pretty awesome.
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