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  1. WWF Revolutions is something that I and my friends work on and are working on in fact I am quite excited to show all of you our work. I am the GM of ECW which means I write it, My friend who is the moderator of the official WWE German forum Bakira who is runs SmackDown but we set Paul Heyman up as the GM of SmackDown.
    Tifa is the GM of Raw which she writes that, lets get down to business shall we? We write custom storyline's and the rating is TV-14 DLSV so be prepared for it! It is very realistic we try to make it as realistic as possible, From Injuries to wellness policy issues. The first week of episodes will be qualifying matches to decide champions than we will get into the action! I must add there is brand extension but sometimes for major storylines we might have cross-branding. There is also work of a developmental with custom wrestlers and real Indy/small promotion wrestlers which is yet to be revealed.
    WWF Raw titles:
    WWF Championship
    Intercontinental Championship
    WWF Tag Team Championship's
    WWF SmackDown titles:
    World Heavyweight Championship
    United States Championship
    World Tag Team Championship's
    ECW titles:
    ECW World Heavyweight Championship
    ECW Television Championship
    ECW Tag Team Championships
    Comments are welcome so is feedback and/or suggestions, We hope you enjoy our programs!
    Openings for the shows!
    WWF Raw:
    View My Video
    WWF SmackDown:
    View My Video
    View My Video
    I promise you will be entertained!
  2. Monday Night RAW #1 - January 7th, 2013, Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen)

    Booker T defeats Sin Cara by pinfall (Finisher: Ghetto Blaster).

    Bobby Roode defeats Billy Gunn by submission (Finisher: Crossface).

    Shawn Michaels defeats Evan Bourne by pinfall (Finisher: Sweet Chin Music).

    Bret Hart defeats James Storm by submission (Finisher: Sharpshooter).

    Bubba Ray Dudley defeats Alberto del Rio by pinfall (Finisher: Bubba Bomb).

    Wade Barrett defeats John Cena by pinfall (Finisher: Bullhammer Elbow).

    Brock Lesnar defeats D-Von Dudley by submission (Finisher: Brock Lock).

    Randy Orton defeats Owen Hart by pinfall (Finisher: Punt Kick).

    D-Von Dudley got injured (torn shoulder, broken finger). Expected to be out for 2 months.

    Ratings: 1.9-3.0m

    ECW #1 - January 8th, 2013, Mercedes-Benz Arena (Stuttgart)

    Batista defeats Epico by pinfall (Finisher: Batista Bomb).

    Mick Foley defeats Chavo Guerrero by pinfall (Finisher: Double Underhook DDT).

    Raven defeats Drew McIntyre by pinfall (Finisher: Raven Effect).

    Dean Ambrose defeats Jack Swagger by submission (Finisher: STF).

    The Sandman defeats The Great Khali by pinfall (Finisher: Rolling Rock).

    Eddie Guerrero defeats William Regal by pinfall (Finisher: Roll-up).

    Mr. Perfect defeats Tommy Dreamer by pinfall (Finisher: Perfect-Plex).

    Rob Van Dam defeats Sheamus by pinfall (Finisher: Van Daminator).

    Ratings: 3.5-4.0m

    Smackdown will be posted on Friday, Next week I will have the storylines set up.
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  9. Friday Night SmackDown! #1 – January 11th, 2013, Imtech Arena (Hamburg)

    Shelton Benjamin defeats Ted DiBiase Jr. by pinfall (Finisher: Paydirt).

    Curt Hawkins defeats Road Warrior Hawk by pinfall (Finisher: Roll-up).

    Ryback defeats Curtis Axel by pinfall (Finisher: Shell Shocked).

    CM Punk defeats Justin Gabriel by submission (Finisher: Anaconda Vise).

    John Morrison defeats Samoa Joe by pinfall (Finisher: Starship Pain).

    Dolph Ziggler defeats Austin Aries by pinfall (Finisher: Zig Zag).

    Undertaker defeats Road Warrior Animal by submission (Finisher: Hell's Gate).

    Diamond Dallas Page defeats Rey Mysterio by pinfall (Finisher: Diamond Cutter).
    Ratings 3.4 entire show
    Curt Hawkins has been suspended for 6 months for violating the wellness policy using HGH and many other performance enhancing drugs.
    Raw is next Monday.
  10. Monday Night RAW #2, January 14th, 2013, Commerzbank-Arena (Frankfurt)

    Kassius Ohno defeats Goldust by pinfall (Finisher: Ohne Blade).

    Kofi Kingston defeats Road Dogg by pinfall (Finisher: Trouble in Paradise).

    Antonio Cesaro defeats Vader by pinfall (Finisher: Swiss Death).

    Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Alex Riley by pinfall (Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner).

    Test defeats Abyss by pinfall. (Finisher: Test Drive).

    AJ Styles defeats The Miz by submission. (Finisher: Calf Killer).

    Chris Jericho defeats X-Pac by submission. (Finisher: Liontamer).

    Triple H defeats Diesel by pinfall. (Finisher: Pedigree).

    Ratings: ~3.9 million

    ECW #2, January 15th, 2013, Borussia-Park (Mönchengladbach)

    Tyson Kidd defeats Bray Wyatt by submission (Finisher: Dungeon Lock).

    A-Train defeats R-Truth by pinfall (Finisher. Train Wreck).

    Roman Reigns defeats The British Bulldog by pinfall (Finisher: Spear).

    Kurt Angle defeats Seth Rollins by pinfall (Finisher: Angle Slam).

    Chris Benoit defeats Primo by submission (Finisher: Crippler Crossface).

    Bradshaw defeats Faarooq by pinfall (Finisher: Clothesline from Hell).

    Sting defeats Bobby Lashley by pinfall (Finisher: Scorpion Death Drop).

    Big Show defeats Mr. Kennedy by pinfall (Finisher: Chokeslam).
    Ratings: 3.8-3.9 million
    Friday is SmackDown Qualifiers again for next week than the RR than storylines I screwed up sorry
  11. Friday Night SmackDown! #3, January 18th, 2013, RheinEnergieStadion (Köln)

    Big E Langston defeats Zack Ryder by pinfall (Finisher: Big Ending).

    Cody Rhodes defeats Damien Sandow by pinfall (Finisher: Cross Rhodes).

    Kane defeats Chris Masters by pinfall (Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver).

    Mark Henry defeats Dean Malenko by pinfall (Finisher: World's Strongest Slam).

    Anthrax defeats Daniel Bryan by pinfall (Finisher: Venomizer).

    Edge defeats Matt Hardy by pinfall (Finisher: Spear).

    Jeff Hardy defeats Goldberg by pinfall (Finisher: Swanton Bomb).

    Christian defeats The Rock by pinfall (Finisher: Killswitch).

    Ratings: 2.8-3.6 million
  12. Monday Night RAW #3, January 21st, 2013, Red Bull Arena (Leipzig)

    Bret Hart defeats Kassius Ohno by submission (Finisher: Sharpshooter).

    Brock Lesnar defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall (Finisher: F-5).

    Wade Barrett defeats Bubba Ray Dudley by pinfall (Finisher: Bullhammer Elbow).

    Test defeats Booker T by pinfall (Finisher: Test Drive).

    Shawn Michaels defeats Antonio Cesaro by pinfall (Finisher: Sweet Chin Music).

    Randy Orton defeats Bobby Roode by pinfall (Finisher: RKO).

    AJ Styles defeats Chris Jericho by pinfall (Finisher: Styles Clash).

    Triple H defeats Stone Cold Steve Austin by pinfall (Finisher: Pedigree).

    Ratings: 3.9-4.4 million
  13. ECW #3, January 22nd, 2013, AWD-Arena (Hannover)

    Tyson Kidd defeats A-Train by submission (Finisher: Sharpshooter).

    Roman Reigns defeats Mick Foley by pinfall (Finisher: Spear).

    Batista defeats Raven by pinfall (Finisher: Batista Bomb).

    Big Show defeats Bradshaw by pinfall (Finisher: Chokeslam).

    Rob Van Dam defeats Dean Ambrose by pinfall (Finisher: Five Star Frog Splash).

    Eddie Guerrero defeats The Sandman by disqualification (Finisher: The Smokin' Gun).

    Mr. Perfect defeats Sting by pinfall (Finisher: Perfect-Plex).

    Chris Benoit defeats Kurt Angle by submission (Finisher: Crippler Crossface).

    Ratings: 4.0-4.3m
  14. Friday Night SmackDown! #3, Janury 25th, 2013, Frankenstadion (Nürnberg)
    Cody Rhodes defeats Road Warrior Hawk by pinfall (Finisher: Cross Rhodes).
    Kane defeats Big E Langston by pinfall (Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver).
    Jeff Hardy defeats Shelton Benjamin by pinfall (Finisher: Swanton Bomb).
    Mark Henry defeats John Morrison by pinfall (Finisher: World's Strongest Slam).
    CM Punk defeats Ryback by submission (Finisher: Anaconda Vise).
    Anthrax defeats Dolph Ziggler by submission (Finisher: Poison Deathlock).
    Edge defeats Christian by pinfall (Finisher: Spear).
    Undertaker defeats Diamond Dallas Page by pinfall (Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver).
    Ratings: 3.5-3.9m
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