WWF Sex Scandal In 1992

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPTCRnBEUJM[/video]

    I knew of this scandal from the early 90's - even though it's somewhat overshadowed in history by the steroid scandal that started up several months before this - but I'm not sure if I ever saw the full length video that I've posted here. It was awesome for Vince to come on the show and confront all these people personally on TV in front of a live audience, even though his plan for coming on the show didn't work. That plan was that one of the people saying he was sexually harassed (a guy named Tom Cole) actually got paid off by the WWF prior to this, and Vince wanted the other accusers to point him out so that he would then say that he was actually on good terms again with the company (he apparently was in the audience), hoping to score a huge point over the rest of the panel. But Barry Orton (dude with long hair, Randy Orton's uncle) suspected he had been paid off by Vince, and so told the others not to bring him up.

    Murray Hodgson puts on a great performance here. Skip to 11:40-17:20 to see the Vince/Murray verbal showdown where Vince gets made out to be a heel. And when I said Murray 'puts on a great performance', I mean that quite literally, as Murray turned out to be full of shit, despite how genuine and convincing he sounded here. His own lawyer walked out on him following this (publicly calling him a "lifelong con man") after the WWF's private investigators brought it to light that he's made a few scandalous claims against other people prior to this. Most likely the 'past' that Vince is referring to. Personally, I think it'd be funny if he actually was telling the truth here, as it would be a classic example of the boy who cried wolf.

    Billy Graham rambles on and on. I think by the end of his rambling, the host and the audience no longer had much interest in what he was saying. The most telling thing though is whether he was telling the truth or not, because right after he was inducted into the HOF in 2004, he appeared on a Confidential episode saying how he lied about the steroid accusations that he made against the WWF in the early 90's. There was always speculation that WWE made him state that he was lying (even if he wasn't) to secure a spot in the HOF, but who knows.

    It's also funny to see Dave Meltzer sitting right next to Vince. Supposedly, when they to commercial at one point, Vince whispered in Meltzer's ear that this was the longest hour of his life.

    Anyway, interesting drama to watch for anyone who bothers to sit through all forty minutes of it.
  2. Really? Did this go anywhere?
  3. Hodgson and Vince's argument looked staged as hell. It looks like something they can put as a verbal argument between Punk and Cena.
  4. Really? There's no reason why it would be staged. I think you're reading too much into it.

    And yes Gohan, it was settled afterwards. Pat Patterson returned to WWF and the other two accused (forgot their names) didn't. Tom Cole was paid off, and Barry Orton and Tom Henkins (or whoever in the video) didn't have much of a case and so their accusations added up to nothing. And Hodgson was proven to be nothing but a con man.
  5. Well pat patterson is gross
  6. There's other stories elsewhere that people have exchanged sexual favors for Patterson to get a bigger push. (The bigger the cock, the bigger the push, I'd imagine.) Supposedly, some of the wrestlers said that Virgil got a bit of a push back in the day because he "literally whipped his dick out onto Patterson's desk", ha ha.
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  8. He was also seen selling merchandise in a subway recently. Apparently he's fallen on hard times. Maybe WWE should give him something to do just to help out a little (as useless as he was except for when he was Dibiese's slave.)
  9. I'm sure Pat Patterson can give him something to do.
  10. Slurp slurp...
  11. I watched the entire thing. It seemed like the two topics were being jumped every other min. I think they should have just chosen one topic to talk about and stuck with it.
  12. Going to watch this because I have nothing else to do.
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