WWF VS WCW The Final Match, Could it have happened differently?

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  1. So...
    I know this have been brought up many times.
    But I am going to bring it up again.
    What if Goldberg had been on one of the teams?
    What team would he have been on?
    What about your opinion?
    Who could have changed the match in WCW's favor?
    What do you think?
    Please post!
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  2. He'd be on alliance most obviously. He was only in WWE for like a year. But then Austin would be on WWF since Alliance would have too many baldies by having both Austin and Goldberg. That's just my 2 dollars.
  4. WWE did not technically beat them. The match had many controversial parts, included the referee(s) being knocked out several times. The ending with Kurt Angle screwing WCW was the only reason they won. In turn, the WWF would have won in any situation due to this being a kayfabe brand battle. WWF owned WCW at the time, it was just another storyline (and I don't mean an average storyline).
    But lets say that WCW could win.
    I believe that Goldberg could have changed the direction of the match if it was possible, as well as other WCW superstars that were not employed by them at the time.
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  5. The thing is, the Invasion angle was poorly booked. OK, the concept was awesome, two feds invading the big one, it was what everyone wanted to see. But the thing is, there were lots of big guys from WCW missing (like Flair, or Goldberg himself, for example). They didn't make the WCW guys look very good, they just wanted WWF to look great because Vince is in charge of it and he wanted to pump his ego a little bit more. Most of the WCW invaders were low carders. If you look at the tag team match itself, Shane, Angle and Austin were in WCW's team. All three WWF guys in what was supposed to be WCW's big team. A team with, for example, Goldberg, Booker, RVD, Flair and Steiner would look a lot more... legitimate, let's say. With WCW and ECW guys, instead of WWF all over everything.
  6. WWF was always going to win, it was the faces getting their win. I still say it should have been the NWO vs WWF at first, talk abot how they killed WCW. Imagine Sting, Austin, Rock, Taker and Goldberg vs Hollywood, Nash, Hall, Show and a 5th guy like Booker. It could have been incredible, have team WWF splinter off into WCW vs WWF, ECW should have come in a lot later IMO.
  7. WCW winning makes no sense and only means that the overall storyline would continue until WWF (Vince McMahon) regained complete control of the company and the Alliance was banished forever. Which would make the WWF still look stupid since they would have already lost the big match at Survivor Series. And if Goldberg had been there, he would have been on the Alliance and Austin would have certainly remained on WWF's team.

    The problems with the Invasion storyline have been discussed to death but here's my take: they turned it into another McMahon storyline. It should have been about Vince versus Eric Bischoff, the guy actually running WCW during the Monday Night Wars. The problem was that Bischoff declined their offer to work the angle, but still, they didn't have to turn it into another McMahon storyline, or especially make Stephanie the owner of ECW when the real owner was right there. I would have gotten Ric Flair (since his name is automatically associated with the whole NWA/WCW brand name) as the guy running things, because that would only require him to speak on the mic, something he does better than most everyone else.

    Another problem is that some of the guys who were with WCW or ECW when they still existed were already part of WWF and were now pretty much associated as WWF wrestlers (Dudleyz, Rhyno, Raven, Tazz, etc.), so having them jump ship to the Alliance didn't make it feel like an "invasion storyline", because that specialness of seeing people from entirely different companies wasn't there. WWF also refused to buy out the contracts of some individuals, such as Goldberg, Steiner, Mysterio, etc.
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  8. Exactly. In the end, when it could've been Vince vs Bischoff vs Heyman, or Vince vs Heyman, if Eric didn't want to be there, was McMahon vs McMahon/McMahon.
  9. Goldberg/Flair weren't signed to WWF. Vince played the cards he had. And the whole thing was designed to make The Rock look good.
  10. Exactly, they were missing because WWF didn't buy their contracts. If Vince wanted to, I'm pretty sure he could hire them. Plus, my point exactly, instead of being an awesome WWF vs WCW/ECW or even if they did WWF vs WCW vs ECW which would've been also pretty great, they wanted to make it about WWF's stars, Rock for example, and the McMahons. I mean, the storyline was good, but it could've been much better.
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