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  1. With the seemingly lack of effort going on with storylines and underutilization of superstars in the WWE creative needs us to speak out! Check out WWFresh for fresh takes, fresh perspectives and what we want! Not what the writers want! Check it out and please give feedback! If enough people get behind it the WWE has shown they will absolutely listen to the FANS!

  2. There are plenty of wrestlers to work with, more than enough talent.
  3. WWE fans love to complain about the product meanwhile they still watch and do nothing about it! WWFresh is giving fans a voice to speak your opinions on any storyline or angle you want with an outlet to WWE creative. Thank you.
  4. What outlet do you have to WWE Creative?
  5. Anyone with anymore questions follow my twitter @WWFresh Thank you
  6. What outlet do you have to WWE Creative?
  7. Is this just a plug? Just coming here to plug your own content is not allowed playa.