WWNLive speaks up about WWE Network

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  1. This week's WWNLive alerts addressed what the WWE Network means to the WWNLive family and independent wrestling as a whole. Here is what they had to say about WWE's latest announcement:

    The alerts' email then went on to briefly promote Evolve 25, 26 and 27 taking place this weekend.
  2. WWN is dependent on DVD sales? One wouldn't think so considering the rate Gabe puts them out at.
  3. Seriously; that's one of the saddest things I've heard. :haha: If they're THAT dependent on DVD sales you would think they'd put forth their best effort to get them out in a more timely manner. (Even $5 Wrestling gets DVDs out quicker than that.) Being dependent on iPPVs and all I could see, but not so much the DVD sales.
  4. $5 wrestling is basically Highspots. If any promotion should get DVDs out on time its them.
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  5. Smart of them to say this and use it as motivation to make their shows better, but I doubt the WWE Network will have much of an effect on WWNLive. The dedicated fans of Evolve, DGUSA, Shine, etc will still be buying those shows since they already go to them for stuff that WWE doesn't deliver. And it's not like it isn't affordable for most people to do both, etiher.

    If anything else the concept of online streaming for wrestling may somehow make marketing easier for the little guys.
  6. WWNLive went HD this week, wonder will that do them good.

    EVOLVE 25 is HD and getting srsly good reviews, willing to spend some money on it.
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