Wyatt family suck

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Wyatt family suck seriously this thing of them coming out in the dark with the light then the two weirdos attack whoevers in the ring and then Bray comes in the ring to do that move all that is getting boring and stale. Its just like how the Shield used to always come out and attack someone then disappear. Just do something different or get released please
  2. Uh r u retard?:gtfo:
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  3. Surely it should be

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  4. There is something severely wrong with BLFFL. Im convinced not that its either a long running troll account. Or you are in fact mentally disabled.

    Get help, see a doctor.

    Or better yet, just stop watching wrestling, because you just dont get it!
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  5. Okay, this is where I draw the line! What is wrong with her? I've delt with it, but now it's just unbearable.....
  6. I was quoting Gohan,lol.
  7. I actually agree. Nothing I've seen from the Wyatts so far has me interested, hopefully they've got good plans for the future.

    But, The Shield were different when they arrived because they interrupted ME matches and were involved with important superstars, and the Wyatts attack 3MB :haha:
  8. Bray Wyatt > Part time wrestlers :pipebomb:
  9. Sorry Mr.Tucci, I need your services again

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  10. You'll nedd SuperTrucci more than once :pity:
  11. Explain what you people have liked about the Wyatt's so far pls. 2 months of promos sort of dragged on a bit. Their dark entrance is cool but that's not enough to start bumming them. Attacking Kane and R-Truth to set-up some rushed SummerSlam match? Meh. I'm just saying WWE could have done it a lot better. Bray's clearly good on the mic though.
  12. Most of us are latching on to their NXT work, and just some new faces with fresh gimmicks + Bray's awesome mic skills.
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  13. But what I'm asking is, have WWE used them well since they first appeared on RAW a few weeks ago? IMO, no, it could have been much better for the reasons you have mentioned. And, therefore, I am not yet interested in them.
  14. I'm honestly not sure if you are trolling or not...
    The Wyatt Family is great. They are supposed to be weird, and they are WAY different than the Shield. There is nothing stale about it when you don't know what he is talking about, and if he ever got realized, I'm pretty sure so many people would hate WWE. You need to follow the buzzards, then you'll understand!
  15. Lol, a person has a different opinion and everyone calls them retarded. Nice.
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  17. I can understand your point. That's your opinion, you aren't just arrogantly stating it as a fact. :emoji_slight_smile:

    He hasn't done anything on Raw yet, you're right. We all expect him to and are excited about his potential. If he's doing the same thing 3 months from now then we'll be right here with you. This is just a handshake feud, give him time. You'll be amazed.
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