News Wyatt Family Theme To Be Played LIVE

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    The Wyatt Family’s theme song, “Live In Fear” (formerly titled “Broken Out In Love”) by Mark Crozer and The Rels, will be performed live at WrestleMania XXX
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  2. Cool. Means another match will be 5 minutes shorter but cool.
  3. Fucking cool I told you my man Bray will hit the big time getting his theme played live by the artist is a big step in his push
  4. Every fan better be clapping along!
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  5. This should be good.
  6. I love the song, and he is a good singer.
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  7. Crozer better sound good live. The raucous WM crowds never forgive a poor/shoddy performance.
  8. Pretty simple jam, will sound 100x better live.
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  9. Guess Ill see how it goes b4 I judge it. I cant think of how thier song goes right now as Im not really a fan of this gimmic. Wyatt is really good in the ring tho so I do dig his matches.

  10. Listened to it alot when they first moved up
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  11. Ohh yea lol thanx Trip. That should be good live.
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  12. No... you told us he "sucked." Your words, not mine.
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    Yeah, I thought the same thing but decided not to disturb the BLFFL-ufugus
    EDIT (open)
    pronounced beh-luf-ful-luf-u-gus
  14. Classic BLFFL nonsense :bodallas:
  15. Oh my gosh that sounds so exciting!
  16. Should be great shame The Shield match is at EC as an interruption during this would be cool with a brawl breaking out.
  17. I guess they really do plan on the Wyatts being face eventually as strange as it sounds. Seems weird that the weird ass Wyatt Fam would be contacting a band asking them to play at Mania for them, but outside of Kayfabe it will be awesome. Love the song, love the Wyatts. I marked when the LA crowd was cheering them on and clapping to the theme.
  18. You ever see the slow back and forth wave the crowd would do when they were in NXT? It looked awesome in the background IMO. Don't think its caught on in the main roster days though.
  19. Nah didn't watch NXT when they were running ammuck unfortunately. Sucks because I watch it now and it seems to be losing momentum by the episode. To be fair though they lost a ton of talent to the main roster over the past couple of years.
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