Wyatt Family will become first team to defeat Team Shield?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. will newcomers of WWE, Team Wyatt Family will become first team to defeat Team Shield in 6 Man Tag Team Match?
  2. You tell me.
  3. No. Just... no.

    A group of heels are not gonna be the first to defeat a different group of heels.
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  4. I loose track of who is a Face/Heel, the whole crowd love The Shield don't they? Or from what I can see they do, so doesn't that kind of make them face? (I don't really know much)

    I think the Wyatt family look like they are being bought in to fight The Shield? Team Hell No + 1 clearly haven't been able to cut the mustard so without The Shield self destructing they need someone to come in and beat them, Would be a bit rubbish to see Team Hell No + 1 take The Shield down after loosing again and again to them.
  5. If anything, I could see the Wyatt Family taking on a similar situation to The Shield where they'll start to go after titles and work towards being the dominating force in the WWE. It wouldn't make sense for The Shield to lose to another heel group like the Wyatt Family in a tag team match.
  6. It wont happen, Thats saying (Kayfabe) The Wyatt Family are better than cena, Ryback and Sheamus and I doubt WWE would want to make that impression.
  7. Probably not..Why should WWE let Team Hell No,Cena,Ryback,Orton,Show ,Sheamus and Jericho lose to them,and some Amateurs like the Wyatts to beat them..This would be a Shame.. :nope:
  8. The Wyatt family aren't amateurs. They just aren't used on the main TV shows. The leader was part of the new Nexus (Husky Harris), Luke Harper wrestled on the American independents and in Japan and Rowan wrestled for Pro wrestling NOAH in Japan.
  9. I think he meant the crowd would see them as amateurs since they havent been on main WWE TV before (Except Wyatt with the nexus)

  10. Why should WWE hire them,if they can't wrestle? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Exactly,i meant,that the aren't used to such a big crowd!And i don't think that the could beat so many WWE Superstars..Maybe the 3MB. :dawg:
  11. Luke Harper is better than most of the main roster when it comes to pure wrestling my friend. Go on youtube and search for Brodie Lee. You're going to have fun.

    They are going to have a big push coming to the main roster so expect them to beat up a lot of people.
  12. I don't know Luke Harper..i'm gonna check him out,if you say that he's talented.But Harris..just no,man,just no..If you ask me,this isn't a wrestler.
  13. Look up Bray Wyatt on youtube while you are at it. That's Husky Harris new character and he is just amazing. Solid wrestler, will probably never have a five star match but he is good in the ring and very athletic for such a big guy. And his character is down right scary.
  14. When did you last see him work?

    Also Rowan sucks more dong than Pop Tatari on an average day.
  15. How dare you say that. JOE RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. How dare you say that. JOE RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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